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Green Door Leitrim in Pictures

October 25, 2011

If you have a minute or ten, have a look at the complete Photo Gallery of the Green Door Leitrim Weekend that took place a few weeks ago, it was a great success! A huge thanks you to all the homeowners, builders, architects, designers and volunteers who took part in the weekend. Check out the pics to get a sense for the inspirational weekend had by all involved!


Workshops, Volunteers and Jape – coming to The Dock!

September 15, 2011

Just a quick reminder, its Meet the Tutor tonight, or go for the volunteering scheme and join the club if you think this might be for you, 5.30 till 7pm in The Dock!

If neither of the above appeals to you check out Jape, coming to The Dock tomorrow night at 8.30pm, looks like a brilliant gig to me. What’s best, your money will go a long way, as after the show you can stay on, enjoy a few drinks and hit the dance floor, this time with DJ Stevie M, promising groovy tunes!

The space is currently being worked on to make it “cool”, the fixed seating is taken out and in go comfy sofas, tables and bean bags with enough room to boogie! Polish yer dancin’ shoes, countdown to tomorrow eve!

Ps if I get a chance I will peep in there today and take a picture of the transformed seating arrangements, take me up on that!

 Your Dock Blogger

Volunteer Scheme at The Dock

September 14, 2011

Good Morning dear Reader, looks like we are going somewhere with this blog and new readers are finding their way to our posts, and LIKING it! Good stuff, all the more joy for me to go and find all the hidden gems and little pieces of information for you…

Today something that very few of you might know about, I certainly didn’t till The Dock Crew took me under their Dock-Blogger-Wings! There is a Volunteer Scheme going on in The Dock, and in times like these it might be all the more interesting, especially if you have extra hours on your hands or less money in your pockets to see the odd show or gig in town…

So, listen up… The Volunteer scheme is running for about 2 years by now, there is a core group of people helping out in The Dock whenever things may get busy or tight. One of the main roles of a volunteer is to help out on the night of the shows, as an usher you’d be helping to get the audience safely seated, and as a perk the usher gets to stay and watch the show. Good deal in my books I tell you! Another role is to help with the mail-out of the What’s On Guide and exhibition invites, so nothing to be worried about either. In the past the volunteers have helped at The Carrick Water Music Festival, Open Days at The Dock including Multi-Cultural days and the documenting of exhibition openings and besides that The Dock often needs help with keeping watch of the exhibitions in the galleries. The volunteers are entitled to limited free tickets, so if there is a show that you really want to see, you can avail of a free ticket where anyhow possible!

There is a great buzz between The Dock Crew and the individual volunteers, the help given is absolutely honoured and valued, and The Dock is always looking for ways to improve the volunteer scheme along the way.

So, if any of you like to get involved and ask their questions about the scheme please come along to Meet The Tutor tomorrow Thursday the 15th, and Ciara will be there to tell you everything in probably much more detail or get you signed up if you’re ready to join the crew.

Once I read something along the lines of “Recession got you idle? Volunteer!” That’s a while back, when the Celtic tiger had just stopped roaring, but I never forgot that sentence, as it seemed like such a positive way to turn misfortune or change around towards something productive, a call for taking action, for jumping in!

If you are interested, see you tomorrow eve between 5.30 and 7.30pm at   The Dock!

Your Dock Blogger                                          

And yes, it is at the very same time as ‘Meet the Tutors’ for all those classes and courses; so check out the workshops at The Dock for this autumn too! Anybody not having the programme and wanting a list of coming up workshops here, please let me know, that can be done too, of course! ;o)

Your D B

The Dock’s Volunteer Programme now accepting applications

April 28, 2009

Fancy learning new skills and meeting new people all while supoprting your local arts centre?

Check out the ad below about The Dock’s new volunteer programme. If you want to apply, email Sarah for an application form, or if you have any queries give Sarah or Claire a call on 071 9650828.