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Culture Night at The Dock, the after-effects

September 25, 2011

Culture Night is done and dusted, pity I missed most of the workshops, I saw some amazing vintage hair-bands being done, damn, but somehow I got chatting to people and it slipped my mind to join the girls. DJ-ing Paul Cunningham got the teenagers going, turning records like in the olden days and testing the newest of the new equipment to be a shock jock as well. DJ Sweet Cup aka our Natalia took over from there, sweetly, gently, and people just relaxed into the surroundings, you know, when you kind of should go home but then again you don’t really want and need to.

The fashion show was over far too quickly for my liking, I had just grabbed a seat and ended it was, I had not realized that Rock&Roll Tea Party Co and Dirty Fabulous may be new aspiring businesses with a small range of products yet, lets wish them all the best and good luck on their way to success!

Regarding Audrey’s conversation with Philip Delamare I heard she got involved in a rather lively discussion about art and carpets in general, but it became more transparent to some how dimensions are perceived, what art tutors hold dear and important but it might not really matter in the end, how to see objects with one eye and what Audrey’s two and a half dimensions may mean to her. Anybody who heard what Bayard Eade as the title of her current work means, please feel free to comment here, I’d rather gladly know! Otherwise there is one more chance to get close to the work of Tracy Hanna and Audrey Reynolds as The Docks’ curator Alice Lyons will lead a walk through the galleries for us to gain insight in the exhibitions in an informal and friendly setting on the 20th of October at 2pm, and everyone is more than welcome and admission is free.

The absolute highlight of this years’ Culture Night for me is the photo exhibition in the Jury Room Café, shots of outstanding quality presented in a very professional manner, it is hard to believe that this work is coming from so to speak amateurs, a lot of those pictures deserve to be in the limelight, well, in my humble opinion at least! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! If you are interested in photography yourself it might be worth to look even into joining the Boyle Camera Club, they are meeting once a month for a slide show of their work and use Flickr as a website for tips and tricks on the trade, to share and jury the shots amongst themselves and learn from one another hands on. Gosh, I am thinking of joining them myself right now!

I didn’t stay on for the life drawing workshop and the saxophonist as I had a hard days’ work ahead of me, but anybody who did please let us know how that went! Its your turn now, comment, let us know, share what you got out of and thought of our Culture Night!

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The Dock for Culture Night

September 22, 2011

Culture Night, 23rd of September, an evening crammed with things to do, to hear and see, to join in, where do I start? I better stick to The Dock only for now, even though I am aware there is the Poetry and Prose Stroll on in Drumshanbo at 7.30, a group walk around the town with readings from the organizers and guests, and members of the public are strongly encouraged to join in and read their own or someone else’s work along the way. So much for my little advertisement for The Written Word Weekenders AKA organisers Eileen O Toole and Stephen Rennicks.

Anyway, back to The Dock, Culture Night really starts at 4.30pm with a kids craft workshop What are you made of?, 6pm is Writers workshop with Belinda Mc Keon, We love Vintage Workshop, Djing Workshop (aimed at all age groups so bring your teenager along as well!), and Life Drawing facilitated by Laura Gallagher. That is only the workshops so far, take your pick and get creative, Culture Night is for free, quite brilliantly so, an opportunity not to be missed for sure!

The Photo Exhibition of the Boyle Camera Club will be opened at 5.30, if my memory serves me right from now on the Jury Room Café will provide wall space for exhibitions too, all the more reason to have a cuppa there!

In the theatre space you’ll find the Teen spirit productions running from 6pm onwards, meaning that the film and music created by participants during our recent Teen Spirit Music Summer Camp will be on show throughout the evening.

And there is always more, 6 till 10.30pm DJ Sweet Cup will be keeping the vibe very Rock n Roll, and at 8.30 Saxophonist Cathal Roche will be on the scene as well.

And yes, there is more again: Vintage fashion Show and Makeovers at 8pm, if you are looking for a ‘special one of a kind’ dress, this event is not to be missed! I know at least two of my girls getting married this winter, girls I hope you are reading this, there is DRESSES to be chosen yet!

Last but not least, the previous mentioned artists’ talk, Audrey Reynolds in conversation with Arts Officer Philip Delamare at 7pm, so if you want to find out more about Bayard Eade, join Audrey and Philip up in the galleries and ask those questions of yours!

Hustle bustle ahead, lets conquer the colder season with those colourful antics that we’ve got planned for you  and all of us! I most certainly can’t wait!

 Your Dock Blogger