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On My Radar 5 – Engage Artist Collective – Talk About Fracking

November 30, 2011

No green light from Paul regarding my competition idea yet, so I am holding my breath for a minute, but another On My Radar for you, a subject that will affect all of us around here one way or another, so check out the link to see what is happening on Friday afternoon in Carrick-on-Shannon!

An approach to look at hydraulic fracturing through artistic eyes and research, what stays behind in the landscape when we dig too deep, which elements of our lives will be at risk if we follow the path of promises and money, and which consequences may be impossible to undo for our lifetime to come. Or the lifetime of our children and theirs. A fresh  look at a pressing issue, four artists sharing ideas and working on the exhibition collectively, hence the title. Unfortunately I am not able to be there on Friday eve for the actual opening, so I had to peep my Dock Blogger camera into the exhibition space today and get a first glimpse of the work… I am sure the guys will spend all day to get ready for us on Friday, but I let you in on the preparations, Stephen Rennicks and David Spence getting the job done…  and while the video uploads, here the first picture!


HURL YOURSELF – A Series of Taster Lectures

February 12, 2010

Home University Roscommon Leitrim (HURL) presents an open day in conjunction with World Community Arts Day on Wednesday the 17th of February in The Dock.

The program of events will provide an afternoon of stimulus for the mind. HURL resident professors and guests will provide a series of taster lectures and starting points for future discussion and collaborations.

“Taster Lectures” will run in 10 minute segments starting at 3:30. Some of the topics which will be covered are Understanding Film with Professor Colin McKeown, Local History with Professor John Cronogue, Collected Inspirations by Professor Dominic Stevens, Deeper Into Nothing by Professor Stephen Rennicks, A Reading from Thoreau’s Walking by Professor Willie Stewart, Research as Part of Practice by Professor Dan Chester amongst others.

Anyone and everyone is invited to come along and either simply listen or participate in general discussions.

This will be followed by a two hour interactive workshop on “Rethinking Suburban Housing Estates” facilitated by Professor Carol Anne Connelly and Professor Dominic Stevens. The workshop will allow participants to explore the full potential of “ghost estates.” The workshop will run from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please note, places in this particular workshop are limited and prior booking is essential. Contact Professor Connelly 087-7452586.

World Community Arts Day is an international undertaking now in its fourth year. It is billed as a day to “Be creative about an issue that you believe promotes caring and sharing.” For more information visit the webhub at

To find out more about HURL check out this video below