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Open Season, Ailie Blunnie and Winter Market at The Dock

December 6, 2011

It’s almost Wednesday morning, I have a handful of more details and news for you, and I am still looking forward to the weekend at The Dock! Ailie Blunnie is not having a support act on the night, so Friday  8.30pm very sharp it is, straight launching into the Blunnie Sisters’ act, I also heard there is a boyfriend on that stage too, and I guess we’d be lost without Keith in the sound box, so let’s welcome the boys also! If the Open Season allows me to pop out in between, I’ll try and take a couple of shots of the Blunnie’s in preparation of the show, I have a feeling they might just let me do that for you! I love the idea of Duke Special meeting Imelda May for a day of feeding ducks in the park and putting that thought into music; and boy am I excited to go to that gig!

Mella, one of the organizers of the Winter Market filled me in on a few more details too, last year’s market was fabulous already I can give you that, but they are sure to well top that yet! First of all, it more than likely won’t flood or ice-sheet the roads on us between now and Saturday, so allof us get a fair chance in turning up at The Dock this time, and there will be even more stalls than last year to choose from and potter around so I heard. Very importantly  there will be nibbles and mulled wine (did I just  mention the food first … again!?), there will be handmade natural cremes and ointments, handcrafted Teas and Coffee, Christmas Cards, books, Santa’s Lost Buttons, Felt Creations, Ceramics, Knit Kits, paintings, Wellie Trees, hand painted lamp shades, local photography, hats and scarves, vintage clothing, Woodcraft, Christmas decorations… and I think they have a few more things up their Winter Market-sleeves! Sounds great to me, a lovely day out, and many thanks to Mella and crew already, I saw her busily organizing and putting time and effort in all morning today!

So, anybody else  like me waiting for that What’s On Guide turning up in your letter box? I was tossing and turning already, patience is  not one of my virtues yet, but  I found out why we are that bit behind with the post-outs. And yes, that brings me to the sideline of the Volunteer Scheme again too! With the Trade Conference and all, The Dock staff has been so flattened with work all weekend that the What’s On brochure found its way into the envelopes only this morning, and I don’t really know how many of us are on that mailing list, but it looked like a big job to me! So anybody idling around and having time on your hands as little as it may be, call in and let Ciara know that you are interested in volunteering for The Dock, mailing, putting posters out around town, ushering for the odd performance. The perks? If possible at all, getting into the shows you like for free, in times where money is that bit tight this might be worth a lot to a lot of people out there. So spread the word and come along, there is always some nice crowd about in the foyer too… And the What’s On should be in your letter boxes somewhat between today and tomorrow, you can look forward to a neat job on that! I know some people found the last one a bit hard to navigate through, this one has a cooler lay-out, more leight weight, and i love the calendar bit at the side of each month! Glad i put my own calendar bit on the blog days ago already, great minds think alike, now it appears rather streamlined even though it wasn’t!

What else? The galleries are currently and seriously being painted and prepared for Open Season on Friday night, should be great craic to see all the different styles and ways of creativity together on one wall space! Pity none of the artists came forward to tell us a bit about themselves or their work for the blog, maybe I catch some of them on the night, but here the last chance to email me if you want to present your work and yourself  at the last minute in regards to the Open Season exhibition on Friday at 5.30pm!  What delights me a lot is the presence of  children’s art this year, Annaduff and Newtowngore National Schools  have been working with artist Kate Wilson and their self-portraits and an animation made by the children will be on show in The Jury Room Café/Bar throughout the run of  Open Season

And last but not least all comedy fans check out Fred Cooke and Eric Lalor on our website – looks like a night of laughs on Thursday at 8.30pm! I bet you see Davy from the Jury Room there, I figured out that he loves comedy a LOT!

Happy Wednesday to everybody, Your Dock Blogger


New Week, New Season, a new What’s On Guide…

December 5, 2011

Good morning folks, I apologize for the missed post on Friday, there was no internet for me to tap into in Dublin! I heard the TRADE exhibition opening went very well indeed, I am sorry I missed it but I will definitely call by before it closes its doors on Wednesday eve on us! While I am eagerly waiting for the new What’s On Guide to arrive, and very eagerly waiting that is, I am already looking forward to the end of the week, Open Season, Ailie Blunnie on Friday night, the Winter Market on Saturday and Sunday… The market is opening its doors from 12 till 5pm on both days, not starting at 2pm as  suggested in some wrong misprinted place… so make sure you take a mental note of it right now and here and don’t be too late…

I went to the RDS Arts and Craft Christmas Fair over the weekend, looked at lots of arts and crafts from all known and emerging trades, and it was lovely to see that people seem to take the time to take it all in, to wander around and let themselves be inspired, to not get too stressed over the approaching season and the gift-getting that is closely connected to this time of the year!

Let’s make our own Winter market the same, a stress-free weekend where we may pick up a few quirky or handmade pressies, where the smell of mulled wine makes us remember the excitement of Christmas once again, where we bump into people we know and make time to stop for a chat…

Looking at the poll as if to reveal my true Dock Blogger identity, it’s not looking like you’ll get to see my face in next week just yet, more people seem to think the mystery idea of it all is a smart one, despite a lingering curiousness nevertheless…  If you haven’t voted yet, please log on here and make your voice too being counted.

All best, your D B

PS: And last chance to see the ONLOCATION exhibition in the Leitrim Design House this week, check it out, and if you have a cuppa in the Jury Bar say hello to Davy for me!


November 16, 2011

My midweek post for you now, I saw that a good few people voted their opinion on if to reveal my secret identity soon, but we’ll need a few more of your voices to get a fuller picture! So scroll down three posts and cast yer votes if you haven’t done so yet!

Re the interview clip: The open wound is, yeah, still there, our little interview with John McDwyer is still not post-able here on the site, Claire did so extra well in shooting in very HIGH definition, quality is all after all (!), but the IT guys are scratching their heads at the size of the file now and although haven’t officially surrendered yet, I have to say it doesn’t look too uphill as I am typing right now! BUT what IS happening – the interview is running in a loop on the Laptop in the foyer of The Dock, all the more reason to tag along, have your cuppa in there and listen to it anyway. After that you’ll more than likely buy a ticket for one of the evening shows of United, starting tonight and running through till Saturday. And John McDwyer, after coming out and talking to me about the play and all that, all I can think of is buying you a Magnum Almond to say thanks, you on for that?

And now, finally what I really wanted to tell you! Open Season is upon us once again, meaning everybody and anybody can hand in his or her own pieces of work till the 2nd of December, and the work will be hung and the whole exhibition opened on the evening of the 9th.

And any of you Open Season Artists who is willing to talk to me a bit for here on the blog please let me know and, I’ll be in touch with you shortly! We’d love to give you your 15 minutes of fame, and it won’t ever be in high definition again, I promise! This is the official Dock Info re the Open Season, so if you are interested in seeing your own work on our walls please feel free to pick up a short and sweet submission form at The Dock and get the ball rolling for yourself! Now some official details:



Technical Requirements must be emailed by Friday the 25th of November. All emails to

Deadline for all other work to be submitted is 1pm Friday 2nd of Dec 2011.

Only 2 pieces of work per artist can be accepted

Entry Fee is €5 per item

Work needs to be clearly marked OPEN SEASON

An entry form (to be picked up at The Dock) must be securely attached to each piece.

Where possible please give an Email address

All wall-mounted work must be ready for presentation with hooks

and cords or suitable hanging hardware.

Works of a fragile nature must be properly packaged.

All 3-Dimensional works must be submitted with handling instructions, if necessary.

Hanging/placing arrangements are at the sole discretion of The Dock.

While the utmost care will be taken with all works submitted, The Dock cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

The Dock will act in an agency capacity for all artists exhibiting and a commission of 20% will be charged on all works sold.

The Dock reserves the right to refuse works that do not comply with terms and conditions, or, in the event of there being too many works submitted, The Dock reserves the right not to hang / exhibit all works.


To enable as many sales as possible work purchased for Christmas presents will be available for collection before the end of the exhibition. This can be arranged by calling into The Dock on Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd December between 11am and 6pm.


Unsold work can be collected from The Dock on Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012, between 11am and 6pm or on Saturday Jan 28th, 2012, 10am-1pm.


You are invited to a mulled wine reception with carol singing by the Marist National Girls School to celebrate the opening of Open Season 2011 at 5.30 – 7.30PM on FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER

I am most certainly very excited about this annual project, I heard that a number of  youngsters handed in some amazing work already; I can’t wait to see those walls covered with your own work from all walks of life…