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Friday night at The Dock, what a night!

December 12, 2011

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely Winter Market, the smell of baked goods and mulled wine, the handcrafted goodies. I had a ball for sure, lots of chats, small little presents for my gang, and to put icing on the occasion I caught my beloved sneakily buying the vintage skirt I had looked at beforehand and put away again, being good and all that! I know that he doesn’t know that I know, so I will have to wait till Santa puts it under the tree I guess!

Back to Friday night at The Dock, I so love Open Season, the different colours, textures, and how every one of the artists translates a glimpse of a moment, an idea, a feeling or whatever notion into his or her own piece of work, into art… Looks like the first pictures have been bought already, Christmas pressies are being wrapped, the hustle bustle of Friday night in The Dock was a joyful one, the opening words all about hope during gloomy times, the choir songs resounding through the foyer full of warmth and excitement, well done kids! Familiar faces in the crowd, nice to keep bumping into John Mc Dwyer all the time now after having interviewed him, people staying behind chatter boxing about the new exhibition or taking a second and third look at a particular piece of work.

Good few of the crowd stayed on for Ailie Blunnie’sAND BAND – gig, and I have to say the sisters are getting even more funny by the day, I didn’t think that possible! It’s all about not mentioning the band, Roisin just being there for the sweets anyway, the golden boyfriend getting his bass solo in and the back vocalist being handed a dictionary for the French songs. The stage looked all christmassy and white and glittery, how do the Blunnie’s make even Wispy’s snowmen look beautiful and classy? My daughter thought the whole show most hilarious and almost a comedy as well as unbelievably good and catchy  songs, two for the price of one, even though she was rather embarrassed by her mother clapping for additional songs at the end of the night! All in all, a brilliant night at the Dock, delighted that the bar was open for drinks at the interval, as my Dock Blogger ears picked up concerns about that in the crowd beforehand, and yes, I love my interval drink too, even though you’d probably chuckle at my choice of beverage! Davy and Andy are getting used to it by now though, and it is lovely to feel part of the gang even in those small ways.

As you noticed, the Dock Blogger Identity didn’t get revealed on the night, somewhat due to unforeseen chock-a-block business during the week, but more importantly for the poll results on the blog – the majority of you wants to keep the mystery going for a while, even though it was close nose-to-nose, but nevertheless the mystery callers made it to the top!

Now, all we’re waiting for is for the new website layout to hit our screens, the minute that happens I can press send on this post, upload my pictures from the night and let you in on my secret mystery clip of 23seconds Ailie Blunnie sound-checking before the gig! The light at the end of the video is Keith in the sound box, once you know it it’s obvious, and he didn’t want to be filmed anyway! But yes Keith, brilliant job on the night, mesmerizing lights, as well as sounds, this time Roisin was busier slagging Ailie, so she forgot some of the elaborate praise that you deserve! Keith you rock! On a technical note: Right now the clip needs one rotation clockwise, so you need to adjust your neck and head at 52 degrees  to the left at the moment, till I figure out how it’s done!

Check out the programme for December, there’s smashing performances ahead of us for big and small people, our new website at and the Open Season exhibition in the galleries, foyer and Café Bar! Have a great week,

Your Dock Blogger

ps: I sneak this post in for you due to personal impatience, lets see if it works or gets lost in the process of transferring the website!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

23seconds Ailie Blunnie Sound Checking at The Dock, posted with vodpod

Ailie Blunnie at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon

November 23, 2011

Good morning guys, only a tinsy weeny post from me this morning, I have a bit of a sick dog situation here and have to rush out the door in a minute…But to let you know that on Saturday morning I’ll be interviewing our very own Ailie Blunnie in town, just to gear up a notch before her impatiently awaited concert in the Dock on the 9th of December! I am collecting a handful of my own questions already, but if you have something you desperately want to know of her, and I’ll pass your questions on to her too!

I am absolutely excited about meeting her, two years ago a friend dragged me along to The Blunnie Sisters’ first ever concert in The Dock, I had a terrible cold slash verging on flu that day, I didn’t really want to come out and play that evening at all! but oh boy, the first nanosecond of Ailie’s voice in the room and there was no going back! A couple of lemsips and that concert had sorted me out in no time, and I am a Blunnie Sister Fan ever since! There is no CD on the market just yet as far as I know, so all you can do at the minute is to LIKE her on Facebook and listen to a handful of songs there, but I’ll be checking with Ailie if some sort of purchasable data carrier may be in sight in the near future! If not, she’ll just have to sing for us a few lines on the day of the interview and I’ll put it up here for you over the weekend! Well, maybe Claire will do THAT I guess! ;-)!


Gotta rush, see you later,

but yeesssss(!), really quick to fill you in, my little Dock Blogger Camera has arrived, a flashy handy little thing so to speak, so expect more pictures from me as of today! Anybody looking for a little starter digital themselves, go no further than Keaney’s in town, amazing deal on that particular model, and buying local can’t be wrong either! This is my first test picture, Claire and Stephen working hard in preparing for Open Season and getting the place organized for all of us next weekend! Otherwise it seems like an unusually rather quiet week at The Dock, so just call in for a cuppa and a minute to read the papers in peace and quiet!


November 16, 2011

My midweek post for you now, I saw that a good few people voted their opinion on if to reveal my secret identity soon, but we’ll need a few more of your voices to get a fuller picture! So scroll down three posts and cast yer votes if you haven’t done so yet!

Re the interview clip: The open wound is, yeah, still there, our little interview with John McDwyer is still not post-able here on the site, Claire did so extra well in shooting in very HIGH definition, quality is all after all (!), but the IT guys are scratching their heads at the size of the file now and although haven’t officially surrendered yet, I have to say it doesn’t look too uphill as I am typing right now! BUT what IS happening – the interview is running in a loop on the Laptop in the foyer of The Dock, all the more reason to tag along, have your cuppa in there and listen to it anyway. After that you’ll more than likely buy a ticket for one of the evening shows of United, starting tonight and running through till Saturday. And John McDwyer, after coming out and talking to me about the play and all that, all I can think of is buying you a Magnum Almond to say thanks, you on for that?

And now, finally what I really wanted to tell you! Open Season is upon us once again, meaning everybody and anybody can hand in his or her own pieces of work till the 2nd of December, and the work will be hung and the whole exhibition opened on the evening of the 9th.

And any of you Open Season Artists who is willing to talk to me a bit for here on the blog please let me know and, I’ll be in touch with you shortly! We’d love to give you your 15 minutes of fame, and it won’t ever be in high definition again, I promise! This is the official Dock Info re the Open Season, so if you are interested in seeing your own work on our walls please feel free to pick up a short and sweet submission form at The Dock and get the ball rolling for yourself! Now some official details:



Technical Requirements must be emailed by Friday the 25th of November. All emails to

Deadline for all other work to be submitted is 1pm Friday 2nd of Dec 2011.

Only 2 pieces of work per artist can be accepted

Entry Fee is €5 per item

Work needs to be clearly marked OPEN SEASON

An entry form (to be picked up at The Dock) must be securely attached to each piece.

Where possible please give an Email address

All wall-mounted work must be ready for presentation with hooks

and cords or suitable hanging hardware.

Works of a fragile nature must be properly packaged.

All 3-Dimensional works must be submitted with handling instructions, if necessary.

Hanging/placing arrangements are at the sole discretion of The Dock.

While the utmost care will be taken with all works submitted, The Dock cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

The Dock will act in an agency capacity for all artists exhibiting and a commission of 20% will be charged on all works sold.

The Dock reserves the right to refuse works that do not comply with terms and conditions, or, in the event of there being too many works submitted, The Dock reserves the right not to hang / exhibit all works.


To enable as many sales as possible work purchased for Christmas presents will be available for collection before the end of the exhibition. This can be arranged by calling into The Dock on Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd December between 11am and 6pm.


Unsold work can be collected from The Dock on Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012, between 11am and 6pm or on Saturday Jan 28th, 2012, 10am-1pm.


You are invited to a mulled wine reception with carol singing by the Marist National Girls School to celebrate the opening of Open Season 2011 at 5.30 – 7.30PM on FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER

I am most certainly very excited about this annual project, I heard that a number of  youngsters handed in some amazing work already; I can’t wait to see those walls covered with your own work from all walks of life…

Everything changes all the time and The Dock Blogger is covering New Tracks

November 10, 2011

Good morning folks, anybody wondering how my Dock Blogger Review Meeting went?

There may be some small and big changes ahead of us, my identity may (or may not) be revealed to youse all rather sooner than later, and ‘d like to know what the dear readership makes of that? The first reaction of my two confidantes was an OH NO!; whereas my daughter thinks that is the coolest that can happen, her Mum being officially around town with a big camera round her neck, interviewing people and checking things out.  I hope the people from funding are reading the ‘big camera’ bit!

So folks, question’s over to you, how would you like to see the Dock Blogger around town, do you want a face to that idea, or do you think incognito is mysterious, funny and adding to your pleasure of reading the blog?

Again as everything, there’ll be the two sides to that, the mystery will be gone, done and dusted forever, but the blog can pick up a pace as I’ll be able to officially crouch into all the hidden corners, behind the curtains of the dressing room, take pictures openly without Natalia trying to figure me out, drag things into the light that otherwise won’t be seen or heard by any of us…

So, there might be a face to the Dock Blogger soon, and you yourself might be next to be interviewed properly and officially for the blog, all the Open Season Candidates may step forward at that! My daughter by the way wants to help me with the questions for the interviews, looks like the whole gang will be roped in  for the job!

Besides all that, the idea is to cover more of Behind the Scenes, people getting ready and prepared for shows, the actors unwinding in the dressing room, dressing up and dressing down, maybe the odd interview with the actor, singer or band you’ll see next week on stage, or to find out what is Ailie Blunnie’s favourite place, what makes people thick or inspires them… there will certainly be more planning and organizing involved for me, but my country of origin is notoriously famous and well slagged for planning being second nature to its citizens, so I should be just fine!!

The actual programme and upcoming shows will always be in the What’s On Guide for you, at the official Dock Website, on Facebook, or if you follow our little tweeting Dock Twitter Birdie; of course I‘ll continue to keep you on your toes re the programme too, but maybe slightly less so… I’ll be aiming for three posts a week, one on Monday morning, just because I like being cheered up at that time of the week too and I imagine you in your office sneaking a quick glance at our page, knowing something cheerful will pop up… the second post around midweek, and the third anytime between Friday and Saturday, depending on all the inner and outer forces within and beyond my control. So that is the days to look out for updates and news from my side, whereas in the meantime I will be getting hold of the artists, writers, invisible helping hands … and everything behind the scenes that may be exciting, interesting, cheeky, funny, forgotten, beautiful, difficult, heart warming or wacky … and that will make The Dock come more alive for you, and all of us!

Your still incognito D B