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Dock Blogger Message for All of You

October 26, 2011

(with kind regards to The Reduced Shakespeare Company)

Thought it was a good one for you. Especially since I wrote a poem yesterday. And not even a lousy one at that!

Your D B


All Ireland Poetry Day 2011 at The Dock

October 3, 2011

Welcome to the All Ireland Poetry Day on the 6th of October, celebrated and hosted for the fourth time at The Dock in Carrick! More a night than a day, it being dark at 8.30 by now, but all the more reason to come out and play this Thursday evening!

This years’ main act consists of three local (and published) poets, Mary Guckian, Gerry Boland and Michael Herron will be reading from their collections of work. This will be followed by an ‘open mike’ session, where new and emerging and some not so new writers will get a chance to step into the limelight that evening too, even in the spur of the moment! We have at least two and a half confirmed writers taking that mike; Orla Parkinson and Eileen O’Toole are game to let us in on their new writings, which will be very exciting! And as a matter of fact, anybody in the audience is encouraged and welcome to do the same, this is ‘open mike’ after all, so feel free to bring your own work along that night and rise to the occasion!

Last years’ reading was amazing, some poems that had come out of the Poetry Workshops at The Dock have been read aloud for the very first time, you could have heard a pin drop in that room! Those events are great ones for surprises, some line may strike a hidden chord in your heart, and suddenly life seems to  pause to be fuller and brighter, but maybe that is just me loving poetry and all!

Bring along your love for the Written Word, and if you have own work you want to share – yes please, that too (!), admission is free that night, all the better for that!

Love to see you there; it will be a great night!

Your Dock Blogger