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One more Time Michelle Shocked

October 25, 2011
Bad news and good news! The bad is that there have been some cancellations for Michelle Shocked tonight. The good news is that 5 tickets have become available so if you fancy seeing the brilliant singer in the intimate surroundings of The Dock you can! 0719650828

Michelle Shocked second hand for the ones without tickets…

October 25, 2011

Good Morning guys, tonight is the night of whats promising to be a cool gig, so here a little peep for all the mere mortals without a ticket for tonight’s’ show, I don’t know if the last two have been snapped up already but there is nobody at the box office yet that I could ask that early in the morning…

Here you go, enjoy Michelle Shocked!

Last Warning re Michelle Shocked

October 24, 2011
Only 2 tickets left to see Michelle Shocked tomorrow night at The Dock! 07190650828 Go for it, I know you want to!

Monday Morning Musings of the Dock Blogger

October 24, 2011

So much for brushing up my writing skills and keeping up with the English language!

Last stretch before Halloween Break and ghostly tricks, but we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves too: Michelle Shocked tomorrow evening, lucky ones hold on to yer tickets, our hilarious Breffni Players on Wednesday night for a double pleasure deal, and then Friday straight into the Hunters Moon Festival to celebrate the season! I’ll keep you posted!

Your D B

Michelle Shocked at The Dock

October 21, 2011

Have a great weekend folks, I hope you enjoyed the opening in the Leitrim Design house and our music gig from The Irish Chamber Orchestra last night! It is slowly getting into winter mode for me here, back to lighting the fires and catching the shorter hours of daylight when getting a chance… But here at The Dock we still have a handful of gems ahead of us yet for this season; so let’s get ready for the highlight of Michelle Shocked playing next Tuesday night here for us! Anybody wanting to check up on her life, click on the link below, it makes for interesting reading, and all the things Michelle came to care and sing about during her career of the last 25 years are very much on the agenda nowadays once again…

 This is a rare opportunity to see her in the intimate surroundings of our performance space, there are a few tickets left, ring the box office for bookings (071 96 50828) and look forward with me to Tuesday the 25th 8.30pm and Michelle Shocked!

 Happy weekend to all of you,

Your Dock Blogger

Dialogues in Sculpture, and so much more

September 1, 2011

Ha, the new What’s on Guide is out, the ink is dry; folks check your letter boxes or pick one up at The Dock, plenty of browsing, reading and planning-your-nights-out to do!

It being printed now means all of you are having my http address, from today onwards in AM your official Dock Blogger, and yes – here I am!

So to my loyal unofficial readers so far: please feel free to skip ahead, I am reposting my initial words of introduction and once more I am adding my mysterious Dock Blogger picture, just because I like it so much!

…In the beginning, there was Carrick, quietly huddled onto the majestic river Shannon, which was the olden day when it was almost impossible to get a decent cuppa in town. Then, there was The Dock, a magnificent centre for the arts emerging within the shell of the town’s former courthouse. And there am I, never a local, but never a stranger, my father has not worked the Irish land, but here it is where my daughter will get her first kiss and my sons play hide and seek in the field as if it always has been their own. Remember those summers 1995, ’96, with a full blazing sun for weeks on end? That was when this country became my home, it seems a lifetime away, and today I endure the rain like all of us…

And now, there is this idea, a blog for The Dock, a different way of letting you know what’s up, what on, what’s coming next, an inside view of what is hot or who is the face behind some intriguing piece of art…

So there is me, applying to the blogger wanted–ad last month, and suddenly and (I have to admit) very gratefully I find myself in the position of being the chosen one; so I’ll be the one writing about The Dock, about the art, about activities and ideas, about our town’s cultural life. It is all about connecting, about reaching out and feeding back, about discovering, learning and sharing, and sometimes – for me – to reach for the stars, to sail away from the safe harbour and dare a new thing. So what I need most is YOU, my readers – the new readers of a new blog, the local art lovers and supporters, the families and kids, the aspiring artists, the busy or preoccupied professionals, the enthusiastic students and youngsters, the tired parents, the interested YOU…

A couple more words on introducing myself: as your new Dock blogger I personally love theatre, modern dance performances, poetry, and music and lyrics that reach into the hidden corners of the soul, I love paintings and visual arts in all kinds of shapes and form, and I always wonder and ponder around the story behind the scene and what the artist might be like. Yet I’ll be also happily blogging about stuff that wouldn’t have caught my eye before, no harm in checking out new things and keep the grey matter going before the grey hair starts growing…

The site will be officially running from TODAY onwards (but I had some unofficial trial runs already, so feel free to skip back a handful of posts!) and I am looking forward to meeting you here, to hear your comments and suggestions, or your hopes and wishes for and from The Dock…

Your Dock Blogger

So yeah, what’s on in Leitrim?

I’ll start with the galleries! From the 9th of this month Dialogues in Sculpture will be shown, there is two names to be noticed, Tracy Hanna (A Day is a Room, Gallery 1) and Audrey Reynolds (Bayard Eade in Gallery 2 and 3). Curious Blogger like me can drop by during the week and see the new pieces of art being installed so I will have a peek and keep you posted while the galleries are closed;  and so far I eavesdropped that Audrey’s work features a carpet that doesn’t mind being walked on, and it is all about spaces we don’t really perceive as such… I for one will tag along to the opening on Friday the 9th at 5.30pm, hope some of you can make it too, the others can log on and see what I made of it!

 For the ones of you who liked Philip Napiers’accordion sound in the foyer so much, call by once more to listen to it, I guess it will be quiet up on that wall for a good while coming!

 Otherwise, the Sony Walkman question is being solved and answered, so it is Michelle Shocked after all, marking the 25th anniversary of the Texas Campfire Tapes, a bootleg famously recorded on mentioned Sony Walkman, and (unbeknownst to Shocked) released by an enterprising Briton! Book early for that gig to avoid disappointment, it will be something else to see her in such cosy surroundings!

 I’ll be grazing through the guide bit by bit, checking it all out for you and me, booking tickets, all that, I will let you know our news and some little unknown details as I go along…

Welcome my new readers, I’ll be here from now on, if you want to know more about what’s going on in the Dock  please log on,

 Your D B