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Pat Kinevane in ‘Silent’

October 20, 2011

The first picture here is the very last moment of last nights’ show, Pat Kinevane receiving standing ovations from a deeply touched and flabbergasted audience, I have seen tears in peoples eyes and felt a universal sense of human connectedness that I am putting down to Pat Kinevane’s ability to speak from his heart. The picture is down to me being a not so great photographer with a not so great camera, and it looks rather like a show of magic and tricks … and magic a show full of tricks it was indeed!

 There is no way to capture how Pat Kinevane did it; one has to see with their own eyes! If I got that right, he has no former dance education and yet he moves and acts so that you cannot take your eyes of him, a mesmerized audience and on the edge of their seats for the length of the full show and a sorry heartbeat when all was over in what seemed like a flash. Pat wrote the piece himself, putting salt on the complex wounds of homelessness, a broken society, prejudices, homosexuality, damaged humankind, mental instability, losses on every possible level in a human life… and one may think that can only make for a bleak and dark performance, but Pat Kinevane proved all of us wrong. Whatever he did, he made us laugh at our own recognized pain, at our shortcomings, at life, and yet the whole story creeps into a deeper level of your heart where it will linger long after the laughter is gone and where it makes you think in the quiet hours of a sleepless night.

One of the finest, if not THE finest actor I have seen, compelling to watch every nanosecond of his performance, an actor with a personal message at that, and when he laughs at the wounds and the absurdity of life he laughs in such an infectious manner that one can’t help but join in.

Seeing him speak in the foyer afterwards made me realize that he must be one of the most humble characters I came across, humble and kind, and very very funny all the same; and I think I can speak for the audience in saying we felt honoured to have shared those 3 hours with him!

I know, I know, I am raving about your man, and I still can’t fully bring it across to you, so here’s some snapshots of last night, and make sure you watch out for that name, and The Fishamble Theatre Company coming (back) to your town, city, place!

Thank you Pat Kinevane!

Your Dock Blogger


Pat Kinevane having a coffee in The Dock!

October 19, 2011

Ha, I most certainly like to be our Davy right now!

Pat Kinevane of Silent … having a morning coffee with Davy, the ONE morning this week where I am not in the house! …  all go for this evening so, looks like I have to settle for seeing him just on stage!

Fishamble Theatre Company at The Dock TONIGHT

October 19, 2011

This is the Very last chance to grab the remaining handful of tickets for an evening of excellent theatre that is in store at The Dock at 8.30pm tonight! We welcome Fishamble Theatre Company with their award-winning play Silent on foot of its memorable run at the 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

The List             a fringe must-see if ever there was one

Herald Scotland             fabulous dance of whirling words…a bravura outpouring of sorrow, anger, hurt and lacerating wit.

 The Scotsman               unflinching, intensely physical performance… bristling with black humour

On top of all that, Writer/Actor Pat Kinevane is to take part in a post show discussion, facilitated by Marie Finney, Outreach Worker with NW Simon. 

looks like this is going to be the highlight of my own day too, counting the hours, counting my blessings! hope you are amongst the ones still getting a ticket, see you tonight to what  we feel  is going to be the theatre highlight of 2011 at The Dock!

 Bookings on 071 9650828 as usual of course.

happy out, Your Dock Blogger

Fishamble Theatre Company presents SILENT by Pat Kinevane

October 17, 2011

Somebody else in The Dock must be reading The Sunday Times and found the page already, so here goes…

That’s the newspaper article I was talking about!