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Green Door Leitrim Weekend, a quick reminder

September 8, 2011

While some of you are on their way to the Classic Film Club on this rainy Thursday morning, I am taking the time to remind all of you of tomorrow’s great opening night at The Dock. New reader, please skip back a few posts to The Green Door Leitrim Weekend and read all about the things going on this coming weekend. The Launch of the weekend will take place at 6pm at The Dock, but there is a lot going on this Friday night, and there is literally four exhibitions being opened and launched at almost the same time!

At 5.30 there is the opening for Tracy Hanna’s and Audrey Reynolds’ shows up in the galleries, James P Kinsella will start his building project with books and mortar already at 5pm and the Staircase Poem mentioned earlier is being exposed to daylight and the public once again too!

It’s promising to be a great evening out, get ready for the hustle bustle in the Dock tomorrow and start the weekend in delightful style!

See you there,

Your Dock Blogger

 Oh yeah, there is a PS: I just heard that Kevin Callaghan’s ‘Mud Slinging Workshop’ for the kids takes place on Saturday morning at 11 in the Dock, lets grab old clothes and let the munchkins get mucky, looks like great fun forever to remember…

!!!And  yes, there is another update to the PS: the workshop starts only at 12pm as it turns out!!! Hope you get to read this update too, sorry about that, if you’ve aimed for the earlier hour!!!


Narrative…Propositions…Landscape…Architecture…and people

April 21, 2010

The Dock’s new exhibition titled Journeys to the Centre of the Earth is all about conversations – conversations on architecture, planning, landscape, and people.  There is so much talk in the Irish media these days about ‘thinking our way out of the crisis’ we’re in.  Guest curator for The Dock, Maurice O’Connell gives us an opportunity to do just that by presenting various examples of groups of people who are thinking, talking – and taking action– in response to the complex of challenges we face in our rural, urban and in-between landscapes.  It’s the latest installment of an ongoing series of exhibitions that have taken place at The Dock these last five years under the heading of Architecture.

Maurice O’Connell, originally from Dublin, now living in Cornwall, is an artist who works with architects, theatre practitioners, private business and local community developers to create enterprises, educational programmes, theatre manifestations and structural development plans.  He is a regional adviser in the community/voluntary sector, director of a private philanthropic business, a theatre director and a lecturer at Combined Universities, Cornwall.

We hope to have some footage of the install which is happening at the moment up over the next couple of days so stay tuned!


The Dock invites you to take part in the conversation!

Come to the exhibition opening where guest curator Maurice O’Connell will initiate an informal talk about how what is displayed in the galleries might be relevant to our locality.  Friday, April 23rd at 5:30 p.m., The Dock.

Visit The Dock’s galleries to see examples of creative solutions and questions posed by various groups of people in response to environmental, economic and social challenges we all face, wherever we live.  A variety of films, connected to the exhibition, will be screened daily in Gallery Three. Pick up a schedule when you visit. The Dock’s galleries are open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm.

Watch this space for information on further talks and events that will develop as a result of the exhibition’s presence in Carrick-on-Shannon.

Enjoy a specialty coffee and continue the architecture conversation in the comfort of The Jury Room, where homemade cakes and other treats are available daily.

on the telly…

October 13, 2009

Click the image below to see The Dock’s current exhibition Notions of Capital feature on TG4 Arts Show Imeall

(When you click the image you will be taken to TG4 archive page. Click on Cláir Eile – Cartlann at the left hand side of the page, then click on the play button at Imeall – 7/10/09. If you want to skip ahead to The Docks part it starts at 12.30 on the slider)

The right KIND of stuff

September 3, 2009

The next visual arts exhibition is due to open on the 19th of September. Notions of Capital highlights the value of community. In the organising of the exhibition The Dock has been at the receiving end of a lot of good thought and generosity.

The kind of stuff that makes the world goes round.

Brian Sweeney and his band of volunteers from Carrick on Shannon’s Civil Defence have been wonderful in ensuring that all health and safety aspects to the water performance on the River Shannon will happen in accordance to plan. THANKS A MILLION CARRICK CIVIL DEFENCE

Alan Dunne from AJ Sound in Carrick is supplying the sound equipment for the performance and has really helped us out with a sound head, good advice and a really great price. THANKS A MILLION ALAN DUNNE

Aura Leisure centre came to the rescue without a second thought offering us the beautiful public pool in Carrick for free to practice for the performance . THANKS A MILLION AURA LEISURE CENTRE

The Forest Service has kindly sponsored a beautiful Oak tree which will act as A Hope Tree (more about that to follow) in the foyer of The Dock for the duration of the exhibition. THANKS A MIILION FORESTRY, especially Noel Foley.

The performance of Heteratopic Glitch would not be going ahead if it were not for some superbly enthusiastic women… GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO Ms Mary Blake, Ms Diane O Callaghan, Ms Ciara Mc Cormack, Ms Aisling Seoighe, Ms Sarah Moran, Ms Edel White, Ms Zoe Dunne and Ms Sinead Guckian.

Without you ladies the show could not go on……


Claire Mc Aree Visual Arts Co-ordinator The Dock