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United at The Dock

November 19, 2011

So I had my birthday night out, we went along to United by JohnMcDwyer and the Beezneez and I’ll tell you a bit about it.

The Hawkswell announced this play as his most serious work so far, and that it may be, but I found myself laughing at the hilarious bits throughout the whole play too, sometimes laughing at the recognition of weird but familiar human behaviour at that. The story follows a family over 3 generations, there is a room set in the past and the same living room in mirror image set around now, the fireplace more modern and carpet covering the initially bare wooden floor.

The story unfolds slowly and rather gently, only to chop down on you in the second part without any warning or the chance to catch your breath at the revelations made. Only at the closed doors of everybody’s hidden shame and painful experiences, the characters are able to speak truthful to one another for once and make a real connection from heart to heart again. And with their darkest secrets on their sleeves – and with that not expecting any compassion – they learn that the truth can bring about understanding and forgiveness and a certain tenderness and love for one another. Sometimes the things left unsaid  can hurt more than the things spoken about, and in casting a light into one of the darker corners of Irish history the writer redeems a whole generation with his ending the blame, and on stage we see feelings like anger, rage  and contempt turning into forgiveness and charity. After having interviewed John McDwyer last week it was an extra joy watching him personally being on stage and acting, I felt I was let in on a secret of this play, and that there will be layers upon layers to unpick long after the curtain fell… Here I just about caught him on the way out, while Brendan tried to make him laugh…

When the family at the end is once again united, there is a person missing in that picture, and yet, we all knew he was there, with them in unity, which made for a rather interesting ending, especially if you saw the poster of the play before.

If you are intrigued come along  to the very last night of the play

Beezneez Theatre Company presenting United by John McDwyer today, on Saturday 19.November 8.30pm in The Dock!


The crew playing the family from 1957/1958, just on their way home after a successful night on stage.


Woo Hoo, We’ve got it! – John MC Dwyer at The Dock!

November 16, 2011

Whatever they did, Claire and the IT guys, THEY DID IT! Watch John McDwyer answering my Dock Blogger questions on vimeo, here you go!

(and yes, Claire, you ROCK!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

John McDwyer at The Dock, posted with vodpod

John Mc Dwyer, I am keeping my word re that ice cream nevertheless!


November 16, 2011

My midweek post for you now, I saw that a good few people voted their opinion on if to reveal my secret identity soon, but we’ll need a few more of your voices to get a fuller picture! So scroll down three posts and cast yer votes if you haven’t done so yet!

Re the interview clip: The open wound is, yeah, still there, our little interview with John McDwyer is still not post-able here on the site, Claire did so extra well in shooting in very HIGH definition, quality is all after all (!), but the IT guys are scratching their heads at the size of the file now and although haven’t officially surrendered yet, I have to say it doesn’t look too uphill as I am typing right now! BUT what IS happening – the interview is running in a loop on the Laptop in the foyer of The Dock, all the more reason to tag along, have your cuppa in there and listen to it anyway. After that you’ll more than likely buy a ticket for one of the evening shows of United, starting tonight and running through till Saturday. And John McDwyer, after coming out and talking to me about the play and all that, all I can think of is buying you a Magnum Almond to say thanks, you on for that?

And now, finally what I really wanted to tell you! Open Season is upon us once again, meaning everybody and anybody can hand in his or her own pieces of work till the 2nd of December, and the work will be hung and the whole exhibition opened on the evening of the 9th.

And any of you Open Season Artists who is willing to talk to me a bit for here on the blog please let me know and, I’ll be in touch with you shortly! We’d love to give you your 15 minutes of fame, and it won’t ever be in high definition again, I promise! This is the official Dock Info re the Open Season, so if you are interested in seeing your own work on our walls please feel free to pick up a short and sweet submission form at The Dock and get the ball rolling for yourself! Now some official details:



Technical Requirements must be emailed by Friday the 25th of November. All emails to

Deadline for all other work to be submitted is 1pm Friday 2nd of Dec 2011.

Only 2 pieces of work per artist can be accepted

Entry Fee is €5 per item

Work needs to be clearly marked OPEN SEASON

An entry form (to be picked up at The Dock) must be securely attached to each piece.

Where possible please give an Email address

All wall-mounted work must be ready for presentation with hooks

and cords or suitable hanging hardware.

Works of a fragile nature must be properly packaged.

All 3-Dimensional works must be submitted with handling instructions, if necessary.

Hanging/placing arrangements are at the sole discretion of The Dock.

While the utmost care will be taken with all works submitted, The Dock cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.

The Dock will act in an agency capacity for all artists exhibiting and a commission of 20% will be charged on all works sold.

The Dock reserves the right to refuse works that do not comply with terms and conditions, or, in the event of there being too many works submitted, The Dock reserves the right not to hang / exhibit all works.


To enable as many sales as possible work purchased for Christmas presents will be available for collection before the end of the exhibition. This can be arranged by calling into The Dock on Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd December between 11am and 6pm.


Unsold work can be collected from The Dock on Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012, between 11am and 6pm or on Saturday Jan 28th, 2012, 10am-1pm.


You are invited to a mulled wine reception with carol singing by the Marist National Girls School to celebrate the opening of Open Season 2011 at 5.30 – 7.30PM on FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER

I am most certainly very excited about this annual project, I heard that a number of  youngsters handed in some amazing work already; I can’t wait to see those walls covered with your own work from all walks of life…

John Mc Dwyer, Families, and the Distortion of Beauty

November 14, 2011

Well, nobody of you knows, so I have to say it to myself, its Dock Blogger Birthday, happy birthday to me!

For that I’ll be on a girly night out to watch John McDwyer’s United, looking forward to it big time! The little interview with him will be up here in, ahem, no time, definitely before the play starts on Wednesday night! I have asked him if there was one particular subject re-surfacing in all his work over the years, and yes, there is: Family. What families are and are not, what they are expected to be, the dynamics and hopes and patterns we grow to understand over time… What a brilliant theme, no matter what the plot of the play may be; an eternal matter that will keep him writing for years to come! Watch out for it – and the interview here on site, and come along to the Beezneez Theatre Company presenting United by John McDwyer on Wednesday 16. – Saturday 19.November 8.30pm in The Dock!

I’ll send you into the week with one little clip that will open your eyes wide, it is more for the girlz but then again no harm in the guys seeing how much we are all being tricked into believing what is real, beautiful, important… the clip may not be art, but this is my own little mission of nudging all of us towards being comfortable, kind and gently happy in our own skin. Please share this with our fellow sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties, and all the girls… and have a great week!

all best,

John McDwyer at The Dock – talking about ‘UNITED’

November 10, 2011

Well, that was easy! The people from funding must have read my ‘camera bit’, looks like there will be some sort of equipment in my blogger hands soon, now we are talking! But in all earnest I have to acknowledge Claire in all that, she definitely helped stating my low technology case! Once you see pictures getting up here on the page you know a little Dock-Blogger-camera has arrived! But while all this happened without my further doing I was busy as well, interviewing John McDwyer regarding his new play United, coming to the Dock next week! This was my very first ever little mini interview, so it was a bit trial and error for me, but I was delighted to meet him, and hear some of his amazing little details… my daughter will laugh at the question about his favourite food, who would have thought? I am most certainly looking forward to the show next week, especially now knowing a tiny bit more about the behind the scenes! Look at this and find out what’s  it all about…

Ouch, … Well, give us a minute; we are actually having a little downloading situation here, look at us!

 So we just get on with getting the video on-screen, bear with us for few minutes, sorry Gordon for dragging you in as well, but you have to help us downloading for once!!

Meanwhile, this is the official version about the play, something to read till we get the clip up and running! …

Based on his well received RTE radio play, John McDwyer’s new play, United, charts the lives of a rural Irish family over fifty years from the Munich air disaster in 1958.   When the matriarch passes away, her remaining children congregate for her funeral and over the funeral day’s dark secrets are revealed which lead to conflict until eventual reconciliation is reached and the family is, once more, United.

 This is a moving and life enhancing play from the author of Lovely Leitrim, Callaghan’s Place and Unforgiven and given the usual Beezneez production values, a richly rewarding evening of theatre is guaranteed.

Beezneez Theatre Company presents United by John McDwyer

Wednesday 16. – Saturday 19.November 8.30pm in The Dock!

… 3 hours later… aaarrrgggghhhhh …

So yeah, ahem, this is embarrassing! Poor ole Gordon and Claire spent all this time downloading and working it out, it eventually worked, just at the moment when the battery went flat. The charger is, ahem, somewhere. Slight technical difficulty, but it will be solved shortly, and you’ll see John McDwyer (and a bit of me) in action soon! I let you in on his favourite food already – Magnum Almond if my memory serves me right! Thanks John McDwyer for a lovely interview, it’ll be up here in almost no time! John  seems to like my Under Construction sign quite a bit, looks like I can put it up one more time and a bit just for him (as he patiently met my busy parental schedule and came out for this interview on  a very short notice!), till we get a replacement charger and this interview up and running on the page!

And last but not least: Enjoy tonight’s show When Jolie met Christie, where The great Christie Hennessy is brought to life, featuring live music and starring RTE’s Aonghus McAnally (RTE Radio 1 ‘Mooney’ & former RTE TV ‘The Lyric’s Board’ & ‘Anything Goes’) for one night only at The Dock today, Friday 11th November! Having sold-out venues with standing ovations throughout Ireland since it opened this spring, this brilliant show by Cork-born playwright Seán Mc Carthy, is compelling cabaret-theatre inspired by the life and music of Christie Hennessy… A quirky, funny and sometimes dark meditation on the price of fame… I know Davy from the Jury Room Café is going, Davy, take a couple of pictures and let us know how you liked it!

Have a great weekend ye all, chat ya Monday morning for a cheerful welcome into a new good week!

 Your Dock Blogger

Axis Ballymun presents When Jolie met Christie at The Dock

November 9, 2011

Good morning folks, while I am still working on my new winter-dock-blogger-in-gloves-design, (and I sat on the shores of Lough Allen and in abandoned fisher boats for that!) I’d like you to look at this very short clip ‘Murmuration of Starlings’, to put you alongside with me into that cold frosty crisp and humble autumny kind of mood!

Wow is right!

I’ll be typing my post about our theatre show on Friday soon, Axis Ballymun presents When Jolie met Christie, so watch out for that!

I’ll give ya right up what the Irish Times has to say about it ‘This show is all heart… it’s the music that does the talking…’ . I am curious already, will do my homework and research so I’ll keep you posted yet, just have to rush to The Dock first and meet Claire and Paul for my first ‘Dock Blogger Review Meeting’! Just a quick YouTube clip for the ones who can’t wait, get a taste of what Aonghus McAnally is like:

And of course I want to say thanks to my secret companion who pushed me into rocky fisher boats, gave me a lend of his laptop and got cold hands while working hard on a good photograph yesterday morning! Secret companion, I hope you are reading this!

 All wrapped up, Your Dock Blogger

Breffni Players in The Dock – Welcome Back!

October 26, 2011

I have to find out yet how last nights’ show went, I had to work, unfortunately, and only saw the big crowd gathering from afar. Well, no point moping about, but let me know how you loved it, folks, I’m all ears!

So tonight and tomorrow night then the Breffni Players for a double show, correctly said: two one act plays, Brenton versus Brenton & The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish. Whoever watched the Breffni Players on stage knows that there is a hilarious night out ahead of  youse, I cannot remember ever not being in stitches by them! What adds to my own joy and pleasure is to recognize local people on stage, your man from the pharmacy who sells you the better cough syrup, and oh my, your kids’ classroom teacher who informed you about your junior’s progress at the last parent teacher meeting. Those things make me giggle on top of the whole show, but then again, I have been told my sense of humour may need some getting used to. But see for yourselves tonight, when the most unlikely characters come to life on that stage, and only Orca the goldfish, and you, the audience will know what really happened! Enjoy!

Wednesday 26th October & Thursday 27th 8.30pm

And check them out here if you are new to them, you won’t regret it!


have a great night out, Your Dock Blogger

Monday Morning Musings of the Dock Blogger

October 24, 2011

So much for brushing up my writing skills and keeping up with the English language!

Last stretch before Halloween Break and ghostly tricks, but we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves too: Michelle Shocked tomorrow evening, lucky ones hold on to yer tickets, our hilarious Breffni Players on Wednesday night for a double pleasure deal, and then Friday straight into the Hunters Moon Festival to celebrate the season! I’ll keep you posted!

Your D B

Pat Kinevane in ‘Silent’

October 20, 2011

The first picture here is the very last moment of last nights’ show, Pat Kinevane receiving standing ovations from a deeply touched and flabbergasted audience, I have seen tears in peoples eyes and felt a universal sense of human connectedness that I am putting down to Pat Kinevane’s ability to speak from his heart. The picture is down to me being a not so great photographer with a not so great camera, and it looks rather like a show of magic and tricks … and magic a show full of tricks it was indeed!

 There is no way to capture how Pat Kinevane did it; one has to see with their own eyes! If I got that right, he has no former dance education and yet he moves and acts so that you cannot take your eyes of him, a mesmerized audience and on the edge of their seats for the length of the full show and a sorry heartbeat when all was over in what seemed like a flash. Pat wrote the piece himself, putting salt on the complex wounds of homelessness, a broken society, prejudices, homosexuality, damaged humankind, mental instability, losses on every possible level in a human life… and one may think that can only make for a bleak and dark performance, but Pat Kinevane proved all of us wrong. Whatever he did, he made us laugh at our own recognized pain, at our shortcomings, at life, and yet the whole story creeps into a deeper level of your heart where it will linger long after the laughter is gone and where it makes you think in the quiet hours of a sleepless night.

One of the finest, if not THE finest actor I have seen, compelling to watch every nanosecond of his performance, an actor with a personal message at that, and when he laughs at the wounds and the absurdity of life he laughs in such an infectious manner that one can’t help but join in.

Seeing him speak in the foyer afterwards made me realize that he must be one of the most humble characters I came across, humble and kind, and very very funny all the same; and I think I can speak for the audience in saying we felt honoured to have shared those 3 hours with him!

I know, I know, I am raving about your man, and I still can’t fully bring it across to you, so here’s some snapshots of last night, and make sure you watch out for that name, and The Fishamble Theatre Company coming (back) to your town, city, place!

Thank you Pat Kinevane!

Your Dock Blogger

Pat Kinevane having a coffee in The Dock!

October 19, 2011

Ha, I most certainly like to be our Davy right now!

Pat Kinevane of Silent … having a morning coffee with Davy, the ONE morning this week where I am not in the house! …  all go for this evening so, looks like I have to settle for seeing him just on stage!