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Open Season, Ailie Blunnie and Winter Market at The Dock

December 6, 2011

It’s almost Wednesday morning, I have a handful of more details and news for you, and I am still looking forward to the weekend at The Dock! Ailie Blunnie is not having a support act on the night, so Friday  8.30pm very sharp it is, straight launching into the Blunnie Sisters’ act, I also heard there is a boyfriend on that stage too, and I guess we’d be lost without Keith in the sound box, so let’s welcome the boys also! If the Open Season allows me to pop out in between, I’ll try and take a couple of shots of the Blunnie’s in preparation of the show, I have a feeling they might just let me do that for you! I love the idea of Duke Special meeting Imelda May for a day of feeding ducks in the park and putting that thought into music; and boy am I excited to go to that gig!

Mella, one of the organizers of the Winter Market filled me in on a few more details too, last year’s market was fabulous already I can give you that, but they are sure to well top that yet! First of all, it more than likely won’t flood or ice-sheet the roads on us between now and Saturday, so allof us get a fair chance in turning up at The Dock this time, and there will be even more stalls than last year to choose from and potter around so I heard. Very importantly  there will be nibbles and mulled wine (did I just  mention the food first … again!?), there will be handmade natural cremes and ointments, handcrafted Teas and Coffee, Christmas Cards, books, Santa’s Lost Buttons, Felt Creations, Ceramics, Knit Kits, paintings, Wellie Trees, hand painted lamp shades, local photography, hats and scarves, vintage clothing, Woodcraft, Christmas decorations… and I think they have a few more things up their Winter Market-sleeves! Sounds great to me, a lovely day out, and many thanks to Mella and crew already, I saw her busily organizing and putting time and effort in all morning today!

So, anybody else  like me waiting for that What’s On Guide turning up in your letter box? I was tossing and turning already, patience is  not one of my virtues yet, but  I found out why we are that bit behind with the post-outs. And yes, that brings me to the sideline of the Volunteer Scheme again too! With the Trade Conference and all, The Dock staff has been so flattened with work all weekend that the What’s On brochure found its way into the envelopes only this morning, and I don’t really know how many of us are on that mailing list, but it looked like a big job to me! So anybody idling around and having time on your hands as little as it may be, call in and let Ciara know that you are interested in volunteering for The Dock, mailing, putting posters out around town, ushering for the odd performance. The perks? If possible at all, getting into the shows you like for free, in times where money is that bit tight this might be worth a lot to a lot of people out there. So spread the word and come along, there is always some nice crowd about in the foyer too… And the What’s On should be in your letter boxes somewhat between today and tomorrow, you can look forward to a neat job on that! I know some people found the last one a bit hard to navigate through, this one has a cooler lay-out, more leight weight, and i love the calendar bit at the side of each month! Glad i put my own calendar bit on the blog days ago already, great minds think alike, now it appears rather streamlined even though it wasn’t!

What else? The galleries are currently and seriously being painted and prepared for Open Season on Friday night, should be great craic to see all the different styles and ways of creativity together on one wall space! Pity none of the artists came forward to tell us a bit about themselves or their work for the blog, maybe I catch some of them on the night, but here the last chance to email me if you want to present your work and yourself  at the last minute in regards to the Open Season exhibition on Friday at 5.30pm!  What delights me a lot is the presence of  children’s art this year, Annaduff and Newtowngore National Schools  have been working with artist Kate Wilson and their self-portraits and an animation made by the children will be on show in The Jury Room Café/Bar throughout the run of  Open Season

And last but not least all comedy fans check out Fred Cooke and Eric Lalor on our website – looks like a night of laughs on Thursday at 8.30pm! I bet you see Davy from the Jury Room there, I figured out that he loves comedy a LOT!

Happy Wednesday to everybody, Your Dock Blogger


New Week, New Season, a new What’s On Guide…

December 5, 2011

Good morning folks, I apologize for the missed post on Friday, there was no internet for me to tap into in Dublin! I heard the TRADE exhibition opening went very well indeed, I am sorry I missed it but I will definitely call by before it closes its doors on Wednesday eve on us! While I am eagerly waiting for the new What’s On Guide to arrive, and very eagerly waiting that is, I am already looking forward to the end of the week, Open Season, Ailie Blunnie on Friday night, the Winter Market on Saturday and Sunday… The market is opening its doors from 12 till 5pm on both days, not starting at 2pm as  suggested in some wrong misprinted place… so make sure you take a mental note of it right now and here and don’t be too late…

I went to the RDS Arts and Craft Christmas Fair over the weekend, looked at lots of arts and crafts from all known and emerging trades, and it was lovely to see that people seem to take the time to take it all in, to wander around and let themselves be inspired, to not get too stressed over the approaching season and the gift-getting that is closely connected to this time of the year!

Let’s make our own Winter market the same, a stress-free weekend where we may pick up a few quirky or handmade pressies, where the smell of mulled wine makes us remember the excitement of Christmas once again, where we bump into people we know and make time to stop for a chat…

Looking at the poll as if to reveal my true Dock Blogger identity, it’s not looking like you’ll get to see my face in next week just yet, more people seem to think the mystery idea of it all is a smart one, despite a lingering curiousness nevertheless…  If you haven’t voted yet, please log on here and make your voice too being counted.

All best, your D B

PS: And last chance to see the ONLOCATION exhibition in the Leitrim Design House this week, check it out, and if you have a cuppa in the Jury Bar say hello to Davy for me!

Elevens at The Dock Tonight

November 4, 2011

Oh, sorry, wrong picture, … try again!

Here we go!

Elevens playing here at The Dock this eve, on Friday from 8.30pm! Their new single Torn at The Seams will have you asking for more, and we can’t wait for the band to bring their atmospheric blend of acoustic music and visual responses to The Space tonight! Laid back surroundings, hauntingly beautiful music and images, we’ are in for yet another treat! I think the bean bags are coming out too again!

And if you get here this evening for about 7.30 there will be a glass of wine for you at the launch of Jo Gray’s  photography exhibition … might  be nice to make an evening of it! Pictures looking good, just googled him! Wide range of stuff he’s putting in front of his lens!

Enjoy the night, Your D B

Hunters Moon Festival in Carrick-on-Shannon

October 26, 2011

Guys, there is an exciting weekend just around the bend; The Hunters Moon Festival is waiting for our call!

The next three sentences I am stealing from their website for you, but I’ll link you to it as well for the full programme and ticket prices and options etc…

 Hunters Moon Music and Art Festival will take place on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of October in the Northwest of Ireland in Carrick on Shannon, County Leitrim. Hunters Moon Festival is an experimental music, art and film festival combining unique visual art and music in the unique town of Carrick on Shannon. Tickets are available to all music events. There are festival tickets, day tickets and evening tickets on sale. Check the tickets page for full info.

There is free stuff too, open to everyone, so in times like these I am pointing that out especially, just to get a taste of what’s in store for us!

The Hunters Moon Arts Trail: An Arts Trail will wind its way through the streets on Carrick over the weekend of the festival. Maps of the Arts Trail are available at the Box Office. All art spaces are free and open to the public. Thanks to the keen eye and the hard work of our art curator, Caroline Walsh.

The Short Experimental Films Cinema: in the box office in Murtagh’s Courtyard, Main Street. Right down my street for that matter!

“Seek What They Sought” Art Exhibition by Tim Kerr: opening at 8 pm in the Jury Room of the Dock Arts Centre on Friday 28th of October. Looking bright and cheerful, come and have a drink and see the new art on those walls!

Deejays at Murtagh’s Bar – Friday 4 -8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 – 8 pm:  There will be festival deejays playing everything from folk rock to medieval bands to art rock discos in Murtagh’s Bar all through the weekend.  This is open and free to everyone!

Day of the Dead Procession: Sunday 30th October 6 – 7 pm, meet at the Dock Arts Centre. Whoa, sounding spooky scary – looks like bringing the small people along, do the whole fancy dress affair thing, and maybe put some sucky sweets into your pockets too, just in case!

There is a long line up of bands playing on all of the nights, I can’t even start typing them all down so you better check that website, the Weekend Tickets are available in THE LEITRIM DESIGN HOUSE leading up to the festival, whereas Tickets for night-time performances will go on sale from 8:30pm at The Dock for that evening’s performance and are available for purchase on the door (subject to availability, as always and of course!).

That covers it all? It probably didn’t, but it’s a start to get you nosy!

See you at the weekend, looks like one more perk to be had in town, Murtagh’s Bar as the main sponsor of the whole festival is offering 10% off all food for the attendees of the festival, I might meet you at that bar  too so!

in Halloween mode,

Your D B

Curator’s Tour through The Galleries

October 19, 2011

… and last but not least, Thursday, tomorrow 2pm – just when the Market is packing up – we are on for another Curator’s Tour with Alice Lyons, a chance to gain insight in the current exhibition in an informal and friendly setting. Admission free as always.

and coffee with Davy after? …

… this of course is last months picture, that was before Audrey’s carpet, the new picture will be shot tomorrow!

Pat Kinevane having a coffee in The Dock!

October 19, 2011

Ha, I most certainly like to be our Davy right now!

Pat Kinevane of Silent … having a morning coffee with Davy, the ONE morning this week where I am not in the house! …  all go for this evening so, looks like I have to settle for seeing him just on stage!

The Week on one Post – What’s On in The Dock

October 12, 2011

Writing about the whole week today, just in case, I have a funny feeling that I might get caught up in my day job later on during the week. If not, you’ll hear more of me anyway, if yes, well then I gave you the low-down already!

Unfortunately the interactive playful show The Lost Sock Princess on Wednesday morning is completely sold out, a second show has been put on already, sold out as well, and it looks like the kids are in for a real treat! I hope we’ll get the Puppet Lab from Scotland back to us soon so, as people and groups had to be turned away already! Looks like there is a bit of a market for these pre-schoolers here, I hope Punch and Judy and Ding and Dong are reading me, we need more of all of you! And the ones of you holding precious tickets please don’t forget to bring your own odd sock along to the show, I guess the Puppet Lab has something charming in store for you…

Thursday 8.30pm The Leitrim Laughs Comedy Club hosts David O’Doherty, 2010 Hot Press Irish Comedian of The Year as well as holding a good few other awards and being hailed as a triumph and national treasure … looks like running for the remaining tickets to me! If you have not much to laugh at the moment or find the vanishing of the summer a bit of a pain, maybe David O’Doherty will cheer you up big time, come along Thursday eve! And you happy ones, you make sure to come along too of course to share the laughter! And yes, Patrons get a free shot at the Jury Room before 8.15pm, did I not mention that yet?

Saturday the 15th is the Write for your Life Workshop with Monica Corish, if you didn’t enrol yet and this sounds about “write” to you please feel free to contact her on 087-641 4185, I didn’t check if she has places left, but its always worth trying!

And then, Saturday night fever at 8.30pm, Mundy and The Painbirds at The Dock, hosted by the Leitrim Live Music Club, and he is coming to us to introduce and promote his new album Shuffle, it seemingly takes a new twist on his band as I heard. Mundy and the Painbirds is a left hand turn off the road, loads of great energy and ‘rootsy’ brilliant songs! Well, that should keep you going for the week, make your plans, book those tickets, put your glad rags on and don’t forget there is always a cuppa or drink to be had in The Jury Room Café too.

Anybody not making it to Mundy for some odd reason, I am reminding you guys once again that The Adaptation Film Festival is on in Dromahair too, launching its brilliant programme on Friday night, and there is just one more place left for the Adaptation Workshop with Steven Cleary Saturday and Sunday 10 till 4. This two day workshop is aimed at filmmakers, producers and writers who are planning to adapt work for the screen. The first day introduces you to a new way of marrying the specific technical demands the original material makes of the writer with a fast and practical way of getting to the thematic centre of the adapted screenplay you want to write. The second day shows how to use key screenwriting techniques to ensure your adaptation is truly cinematic as it moves away from the source material to achieve its own integrity. This is followed by a step-by-step guide through an adaptation screenwriting process. If you’re interested in the subject, check it out, seemingly Johnny Gogan took the same course and look what happened to him!

Looks like a good week to me, rushing off now, but chat to ya later!

 Your Dock Blogger

Culture Night in Pictures

October 6, 2011

Better late than never! Slowly my spies in the crowd starting to hand over the shots of the night, so this post will be work in progress, keep checking in till you get the full picture so to speak!

Thank you secret spy for the first couple of great ones!

Your D B

The Harp That Once at The Dock

September 27, 2011

No point in making yer mouth water and announce or introduce Cherish The Ladies to you as their concert on Wednesday night is absolutely and frightfully sold/ booked out and The Ladies will be playing to a full house! Although there is always hope, and for the hopeful ones we do have a waiting list in case of cancellations! So yeah, this is the little clip for ticket holders and hopeful ones!

If you won’t make it there don’t forget that we have a wonderful afternoon show of harp music, story and song on this Thursday with Cormac De Barra and Glynnis Casson at 2pm! Great way of breaking the day and doing something rather unusual with your Thursday afternoon, and if you look into the programme, a magic kind of afternoon The Harp That Once promises! Good news for the lovers of their creature comforts: special pre or post show deal for ticket holders – enjoy a delicious tea or coffee and cake for only 2.50Euro. I certainly would not mind that in the slightest, especially that time of the day!

Maybe see you there,

Your D B

Culture Night at The Dock, the after-effects

September 25, 2011

Culture Night is done and dusted, pity I missed most of the workshops, I saw some amazing vintage hair-bands being done, damn, but somehow I got chatting to people and it slipped my mind to join the girls. DJ-ing Paul Cunningham got the teenagers going, turning records like in the olden days and testing the newest of the new equipment to be a shock jock as well. DJ Sweet Cup aka our Natalia took over from there, sweetly, gently, and people just relaxed into the surroundings, you know, when you kind of should go home but then again you don’t really want and need to.

The fashion show was over far too quickly for my liking, I had just grabbed a seat and ended it was, I had not realized that Rock&Roll Tea Party Co and Dirty Fabulous may be new aspiring businesses with a small range of products yet, lets wish them all the best and good luck on their way to success!

Regarding Audrey’s conversation with Philip Delamare I heard she got involved in a rather lively discussion about art and carpets in general, but it became more transparent to some how dimensions are perceived, what art tutors hold dear and important but it might not really matter in the end, how to see objects with one eye and what Audrey’s two and a half dimensions may mean to her. Anybody who heard what Bayard Eade as the title of her current work means, please feel free to comment here, I’d rather gladly know! Otherwise there is one more chance to get close to the work of Tracy Hanna and Audrey Reynolds as The Docks’ curator Alice Lyons will lead a walk through the galleries for us to gain insight in the exhibitions in an informal and friendly setting on the 20th of October at 2pm, and everyone is more than welcome and admission is free.

The absolute highlight of this years’ Culture Night for me is the photo exhibition in the Jury Room Café, shots of outstanding quality presented in a very professional manner, it is hard to believe that this work is coming from so to speak amateurs, a lot of those pictures deserve to be in the limelight, well, in my humble opinion at least! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think! If you are interested in photography yourself it might be worth to look even into joining the Boyle Camera Club, they are meeting once a month for a slide show of their work and use Flickr as a website for tips and tricks on the trade, to share and jury the shots amongst themselves and learn from one another hands on. Gosh, I am thinking of joining them myself right now!

I didn’t stay on for the life drawing workshop and the saxophonist as I had a hard days’ work ahead of me, but anybody who did please let us know how that went! Its your turn now, comment, let us know, share what you got out of and thought of our Culture Night!

Your Dock Blogger