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Another Week at The Dock and a little inspiration for life

November 21, 2011

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A little inspiration for all of us, and for all who consider putting some of their work into the Open Season exhibition, go for it! All artwork has to be here by the 2nd of December to be ready for the opening on the 9th, and it promises already to be a great night out, but that will be a story for a later post!

And then… Ooops, I gave you the Rio Grande preview last week already, but it is only on THIS Tuesday the 22nd! Sorry about that, somehow I must have skipped a week in the diary! I hope nobody tapered to The Dock in vain, so far I heard nothing such like, fingers crossed… That means  a bit of a copying/cutting&pasting job is due to tell you once again, this time with the right date attached!

It is again time for our Classic Film Club on Tuesday morning, our final film with Maureen O’Hara, this time alongside John Wayne in Rio Grande, another well-remembered classic by John Ford. Same as always, complimentary tea or coffee and bickies, and if my little camera arrives before that I will show you the buzz of the place on Tuesday at 11am! And make sure you don’t forget to tell the seniors in your life about it too, the Club turned out to be such a success, but the more the merrier all the same! Ah look, that is what I call a good kiss!

Saturday is Family Fun Day again; I heard that Laura will be making Christmas decorations with the kids, so feel free to walk in from 2pm onwards.

On the same day we have another little gem for you, IMRO will host a song-writing workshop for 12-18 year-olds in The Dock on Saturday, 26th November from 12pm till 6pm.

The one-day workshop is provided to young songwriters free of charge and will be hosted by singer/songwriter Luan Parle and songwriter/producer Gavin Ralston. The workshop will focus on song writing, production, performance, touring and the latest developments in the music industry. By the end of the workshop, the budding songwriters will have written, performed and recorded an original song collectively. This is a unique opportunity for young people to get hands on experience of the day-to-day work in the music industry, whether they aspire to be performers, songwriters, and producers or work in music administration. Bookings for the workshop can be made through The Dock Arts Centre box office on 071 965 0828, and further information can be found at our website Participants may bring musical instruments along to the workshop…

Well, what more can I add? If I’d be in that age bracket, I’ll be heading for that amazing workshop, but it looks like I’ll be bringing the kids to the decoration-making instead, there is a time for everything in life it seems…!

Have a good week folks, make sure you vote re the revealing of the Dock Blogger Face – three posts down, no login etc required, the poll is on for one more week only! If the Yes Votes succeed your Dock Blogger will be officially introduced at the opening of Open Season on the 9th of December, just before Ailie Blunnie will cast her spell on us again the same night at 8.30 in the performance space! If the No Votes succeed, well, I’ll be in the crowd as usual, trying to catch some news behind the scenes for you too!


Still under Construction

November 8, 2011

Slightly better now, but will do a better job yet for you!

Your Dock Blogger in winter gear

Paul Durcan Poetry Reading at The Dock

November 1, 2011

Folks, that reading tomorrow night is selling up pretty fast, insiders will know that he is an excellent reader besides being a brilliant writer… I wouldn’t chance it if  I were you! Book your tickets now on 071 9650828, and get as excited as we are here!

Your D B

Hunters Moon in Carrick

October 30, 2011

I am not in the county, but word on the street has it that Hunters Moon is in full swing, people are lovin’ it,  Carrick is shining, beaming, rumbling, celebrating…

If you haven’t made your way into town yet, go on, join the fun! You’ll be just in time for the  Day of the Dead Parade  starting at The Dock’s door steps this evening!

Happy Halloween, Your D B

Happy Halloween from The Dock!

October 29, 2011

Wishing you a Happy Halloween folks, be safe and sound this weekend to not end up like this poor ole witch!

Otherwise, here is a hilarious cat litter cake recipe for the kids, start checking the presses for all those ingredients, the young ones will love the disgustingness of it!

Hunters Moon is in full swing, and the streets a filling with little ghosts and Frankensteins, some big ones too actually, … and Natalia is  calling all Leitrim kids to the Halloween Dress up Film in the cine-mobile at the Dock this Sunday at 4:45pm!  Prizes for best dressed boy/girl/and best dressed adult! The Film is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, already a classic in my house! The whole show to be followed by the Day of the Dead Parade leaving from the steps of the Dock! Get your outfits and costumes ready, everything goes! 

All i can say, the daughter wants to dress up as a geek. Where are those days when it was straight forward vampires, witches and little devils? ;o)

Happy Halloween, Your D B

Hunters Moon Festival in Carrick-on-Shannon

October 26, 2011

Guys, there is an exciting weekend just around the bend; The Hunters Moon Festival is waiting for our call!

The next three sentences I am stealing from their website for you, but I’ll link you to it as well for the full programme and ticket prices and options etc…

 Hunters Moon Music and Art Festival will take place on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of October in the Northwest of Ireland in Carrick on Shannon, County Leitrim. Hunters Moon Festival is an experimental music, art and film festival combining unique visual art and music in the unique town of Carrick on Shannon. Tickets are available to all music events. There are festival tickets, day tickets and evening tickets on sale. Check the tickets page for full info.

There is free stuff too, open to everyone, so in times like these I am pointing that out especially, just to get a taste of what’s in store for us!

The Hunters Moon Arts Trail: An Arts Trail will wind its way through the streets on Carrick over the weekend of the festival. Maps of the Arts Trail are available at the Box Office. All art spaces are free and open to the public. Thanks to the keen eye and the hard work of our art curator, Caroline Walsh.

The Short Experimental Films Cinema: in the box office in Murtagh’s Courtyard, Main Street. Right down my street for that matter!

“Seek What They Sought” Art Exhibition by Tim Kerr: opening at 8 pm in the Jury Room of the Dock Arts Centre on Friday 28th of October. Looking bright and cheerful, come and have a drink and see the new art on those walls!

Deejays at Murtagh’s Bar – Friday 4 -8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 – 8 pm:  There will be festival deejays playing everything from folk rock to medieval bands to art rock discos in Murtagh’s Bar all through the weekend.  This is open and free to everyone!

Day of the Dead Procession: Sunday 30th October 6 – 7 pm, meet at the Dock Arts Centre. Whoa, sounding spooky scary – looks like bringing the small people along, do the whole fancy dress affair thing, and maybe put some sucky sweets into your pockets too, just in case!

There is a long line up of bands playing on all of the nights, I can’t even start typing them all down so you better check that website, the Weekend Tickets are available in THE LEITRIM DESIGN HOUSE leading up to the festival, whereas Tickets for night-time performances will go on sale from 8:30pm at The Dock for that evening’s performance and are available for purchase on the door (subject to availability, as always and of course!).

That covers it all? It probably didn’t, but it’s a start to get you nosy!

See you at the weekend, looks like one more perk to be had in town, Murtagh’s Bar as the main sponsor of the whole festival is offering 10% off all food for the attendees of the festival, I might meet you at that bar  too so!

in Halloween mode,

Your D B

Breffni Players in The Dock – Welcome Back!

October 26, 2011

I have to find out yet how last nights’ show went, I had to work, unfortunately, and only saw the big crowd gathering from afar. Well, no point moping about, but let me know how you loved it, folks, I’m all ears!

So tonight and tomorrow night then the Breffni Players for a double show, correctly said: two one act plays, Brenton versus Brenton & The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish. Whoever watched the Breffni Players on stage knows that there is a hilarious night out ahead of  youse, I cannot remember ever not being in stitches by them! What adds to my own joy and pleasure is to recognize local people on stage, your man from the pharmacy who sells you the better cough syrup, and oh my, your kids’ classroom teacher who informed you about your junior’s progress at the last parent teacher meeting. Those things make me giggle on top of the whole show, but then again, I have been told my sense of humour may need some getting used to. But see for yourselves tonight, when the most unlikely characters come to life on that stage, and only Orca the goldfish, and you, the audience will know what really happened! Enjoy!

Wednesday 26th October & Thursday 27th 8.30pm

And check them out here if you are new to them, you won’t regret it!


have a great night out, Your Dock Blogger

Green Door Leitrim in Pictures

October 25, 2011

If you have a minute or ten, have a look at the complete Photo Gallery of the Green Door Leitrim Weekend that took place a few weeks ago, it was a great success! A huge thanks you to all the homeowners, builders, architects, designers and volunteers who took part in the weekend. Check out the pics to get a sense for the inspirational weekend had by all involved!

One more Time Michelle Shocked

October 25, 2011
Bad news and good news! The bad is that there have been some cancellations for Michelle Shocked tonight. The good news is that 5 tickets have become available so if you fancy seeing the brilliant singer in the intimate surroundings of The Dock you can! 0719650828

Last Warning re Michelle Shocked

October 24, 2011
Only 2 tickets left to see Michelle Shocked tomorrow night at The Dock! 07190650828 Go for it, I know you want to!