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Another Week at The Dock and a little inspiration for life

November 21, 2011

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One of the BEST Motivational Videos I’ve ever s…, posted with vodpod

A little inspiration for all of us, and for all who consider putting some of their work into the Open Season exhibition, go for it! All artwork has to be here by the 2nd of December to be ready for the opening on the 9th, and it promises already to be a great night out, but that will be a story for a later post!

And then… Ooops, I gave you the Rio Grande preview last week already, but it is only on THIS Tuesday the 22nd! Sorry about that, somehow I must have skipped a week in the diary! I hope nobody tapered to The Dock in vain, so far I heard nothing such like, fingers crossed… That means  a bit of a copying/cutting&pasting job is due to tell you once again, this time with the right date attached!

It is again time for our Classic Film Club on Tuesday morning, our final film with Maureen O’Hara, this time alongside John Wayne in Rio Grande, another well-remembered classic by John Ford. Same as always, complimentary tea or coffee and bickies, and if my little camera arrives before that I will show you the buzz of the place on Tuesday at 11am! And make sure you don’t forget to tell the seniors in your life about it too, the Club turned out to be such a success, but the more the merrier all the same! Ah look, that is what I call a good kiss!

Saturday is Family Fun Day again; I heard that Laura will be making Christmas decorations with the kids, so feel free to walk in from 2pm onwards.

On the same day we have another little gem for you, IMRO will host a song-writing workshop for 12-18 year-olds in The Dock on Saturday, 26th November from 12pm till 6pm.

The one-day workshop is provided to young songwriters free of charge and will be hosted by singer/songwriter Luan Parle and songwriter/producer Gavin Ralston. The workshop will focus on song writing, production, performance, touring and the latest developments in the music industry. By the end of the workshop, the budding songwriters will have written, performed and recorded an original song collectively. This is a unique opportunity for young people to get hands on experience of the day-to-day work in the music industry, whether they aspire to be performers, songwriters, and producers or work in music administration. Bookings for the workshop can be made through The Dock Arts Centre box office on 071 965 0828, and further information can be found at our website Participants may bring musical instruments along to the workshop…

Well, what more can I add? If I’d be in that age bracket, I’ll be heading for that amazing workshop, but it looks like I’ll be bringing the kids to the decoration-making instead, there is a time for everything in life it seems…!

Have a good week folks, make sure you vote re the revealing of the Dock Blogger Face – three posts down, no login etc required, the poll is on for one more week only! If the Yes Votes succeed your Dock Blogger will be officially introduced at the opening of Open Season on the 9th of December, just before Ailie Blunnie will cast her spell on us again the same night at 8.30 in the performance space! If the No Votes succeed, well, I’ll be in the crowd as usual, trying to catch some news behind the scenes for you too!


John Mc Dwyer, Families, and the Distortion of Beauty

November 14, 2011

Well, nobody of you knows, so I have to say it to myself, its Dock Blogger Birthday, happy birthday to me!

For that I’ll be on a girly night out to watch John McDwyer’s United, looking forward to it big time! The little interview with him will be up here in, ahem, no time, definitely before the play starts on Wednesday night! I have asked him if there was one particular subject re-surfacing in all his work over the years, and yes, there is: Family. What families are and are not, what they are expected to be, the dynamics and hopes and patterns we grow to understand over time… What a brilliant theme, no matter what the plot of the play may be; an eternal matter that will keep him writing for years to come! Watch out for it – and the interview here on site, and come along to the Beezneez Theatre Company presenting United by John McDwyer on Wednesday 16. – Saturday 19.November 8.30pm in The Dock!

I’ll send you into the week with one little clip that will open your eyes wide, it is more for the girlz but then again no harm in the guys seeing how much we are all being tricked into believing what is real, beautiful, important… the clip may not be art, but this is my own little mission of nudging all of us towards being comfortable, kind and gently happy in our own skin. Please share this with our fellow sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties, and all the girls… and have a great week!

all best,

Happy Halloween from The Dock!

October 29, 2011

Wishing you a Happy Halloween folks, be safe and sound this weekend to not end up like this poor ole witch!

Otherwise, here is a hilarious cat litter cake recipe for the kids, start checking the presses for all those ingredients, the young ones will love the disgustingness of it!

Hunters Moon is in full swing, and the streets a filling with little ghosts and Frankensteins, some big ones too actually, … and Natalia is  calling all Leitrim kids to the Halloween Dress up Film in the cine-mobile at the Dock this Sunday at 4:45pm!  Prizes for best dressed boy/girl/and best dressed adult! The Film is Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, already a classic in my house! The whole show to be followed by the Day of the Dead Parade leaving from the steps of the Dock! Get your outfits and costumes ready, everything goes! 

All i can say, the daughter wants to dress up as a geek. Where are those days when it was straight forward vampires, witches and little devils? ;o)

Happy Halloween, Your D B

Scary Movies for Halloween

October 27, 2011

Here’s the line-up for the Halloween and Schlock Cinema Films that will be shown as part of the Hunters Moon Festival. Festival Ticket Holders get in to the films for free. Otherwise it is 5 euro per film. The Mobile Cinema will be parked by the LCC Offices, I guess we can’t miss it once we peep our heads around that corner of the town!

Saturday 5:00 PM: BUCKET OF BLOOD

 Saturday 6:45 pm: THE CABINET OF DOCTOR CALIGARI with an original soundtrack by STEPHEN RENNICKS (wow, our very own Stephen Rennicks, Stephen you ROCK!)

 Saturday 8:30 PM: WHITE ZOMBIE

Sunday 5:00 PM: SPECIAL HALLOWEEN KIDS FILM (Which one is it going to be? Hunters Mooners, once you chose, let us know!)

Sunday 6:45 PM: DEMENTIA 13 (My favourite title here on the list, but didn’t watch the trailer yet!)

 Sunday 8:30 PM: DEAD MEAT

Check out those movies, grab a friend for emotional support and come and get  the creeps together!

Your Scaredy cat Dock Blogger

Hunters Moon Festival in Carrick-on-Shannon

October 26, 2011

Guys, there is an exciting weekend just around the bend; The Hunters Moon Festival is waiting for our call!

The next three sentences I am stealing from their website for you, but I’ll link you to it as well for the full programme and ticket prices and options etc…

 Hunters Moon Music and Art Festival will take place on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of October in the Northwest of Ireland in Carrick on Shannon, County Leitrim. Hunters Moon Festival is an experimental music, art and film festival combining unique visual art and music in the unique town of Carrick on Shannon. Tickets are available to all music events. There are festival tickets, day tickets and evening tickets on sale. Check the tickets page for full info.

There is free stuff too, open to everyone, so in times like these I am pointing that out especially, just to get a taste of what’s in store for us!

The Hunters Moon Arts Trail: An Arts Trail will wind its way through the streets on Carrick over the weekend of the festival. Maps of the Arts Trail are available at the Box Office. All art spaces are free and open to the public. Thanks to the keen eye and the hard work of our art curator, Caroline Walsh.

The Short Experimental Films Cinema: in the box office in Murtagh’s Courtyard, Main Street. Right down my street for that matter!

“Seek What They Sought” Art Exhibition by Tim Kerr: opening at 8 pm in the Jury Room of the Dock Arts Centre on Friday 28th of October. Looking bright and cheerful, come and have a drink and see the new art on those walls!

Deejays at Murtagh’s Bar – Friday 4 -8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12 – 8 pm:  There will be festival deejays playing everything from folk rock to medieval bands to art rock discos in Murtagh’s Bar all through the weekend.  This is open and free to everyone!

Day of the Dead Procession: Sunday 30th October 6 – 7 pm, meet at the Dock Arts Centre. Whoa, sounding spooky scary – looks like bringing the small people along, do the whole fancy dress affair thing, and maybe put some sucky sweets into your pockets too, just in case!

There is a long line up of bands playing on all of the nights, I can’t even start typing them all down so you better check that website, the Weekend Tickets are available in THE LEITRIM DESIGN HOUSE leading up to the festival, whereas Tickets for night-time performances will go on sale from 8:30pm at The Dock for that evening’s performance and are available for purchase on the door (subject to availability, as always and of course!).

That covers it all? It probably didn’t, but it’s a start to get you nosy!

See you at the weekend, looks like one more perk to be had in town, Murtagh’s Bar as the main sponsor of the whole festival is offering 10% off all food for the attendees of the festival, I might meet you at that bar  too so!

in Halloween mode,

Your D B

Back on track and Classic Film Club Review

October 18, 2011

The Classic Film Club at The Dock seems to be a raving success, the place was crowded with happy people this morning, and lovely hustly bustly chats over cuppas of tea and coffee, I almost wonder if once a month is enough? Sure there must be plenty of classics out there to chose from yet, lets ask The Classic Film Club members what they think! And check out what the crowd was watching this morning; I thought it’s a good one:

You might get a taste for the old movies just yet!

 And yes, thank you Vodafone for bringing me back ONLINE, very much appreciated!

Your Dock Blogger

The Week on one Post – What’s On in The Dock

October 12, 2011

Writing about the whole week today, just in case, I have a funny feeling that I might get caught up in my day job later on during the week. If not, you’ll hear more of me anyway, if yes, well then I gave you the low-down already!

Unfortunately the interactive playful show The Lost Sock Princess on Wednesday morning is completely sold out, a second show has been put on already, sold out as well, and it looks like the kids are in for a real treat! I hope we’ll get the Puppet Lab from Scotland back to us soon so, as people and groups had to be turned away already! Looks like there is a bit of a market for these pre-schoolers here, I hope Punch and Judy and Ding and Dong are reading me, we need more of all of you! And the ones of you holding precious tickets please don’t forget to bring your own odd sock along to the show, I guess the Puppet Lab has something charming in store for you…

Thursday 8.30pm The Leitrim Laughs Comedy Club hosts David O’Doherty, 2010 Hot Press Irish Comedian of The Year as well as holding a good few other awards and being hailed as a triumph and national treasure … looks like running for the remaining tickets to me! If you have not much to laugh at the moment or find the vanishing of the summer a bit of a pain, maybe David O’Doherty will cheer you up big time, come along Thursday eve! And you happy ones, you make sure to come along too of course to share the laughter! And yes, Patrons get a free shot at the Jury Room before 8.15pm, did I not mention that yet?

Saturday the 15th is the Write for your Life Workshop with Monica Corish, if you didn’t enrol yet and this sounds about “write” to you please feel free to contact her on 087-641 4185, I didn’t check if she has places left, but its always worth trying!

And then, Saturday night fever at 8.30pm, Mundy and The Painbirds at The Dock, hosted by the Leitrim Live Music Club, and he is coming to us to introduce and promote his new album Shuffle, it seemingly takes a new twist on his band as I heard. Mundy and the Painbirds is a left hand turn off the road, loads of great energy and ‘rootsy’ brilliant songs! Well, that should keep you going for the week, make your plans, book those tickets, put your glad rags on and don’t forget there is always a cuppa or drink to be had in The Jury Room Café too.

Anybody not making it to Mundy for some odd reason, I am reminding you guys once again that The Adaptation Film Festival is on in Dromahair too, launching its brilliant programme on Friday night, and there is just one more place left for the Adaptation Workshop with Steven Cleary Saturday and Sunday 10 till 4. This two day workshop is aimed at filmmakers, producers and writers who are planning to adapt work for the screen. The first day introduces you to a new way of marrying the specific technical demands the original material makes of the writer with a fast and practical way of getting to the thematic centre of the adapted screenplay you want to write. The second day shows how to use key screenwriting techniques to ensure your adaptation is truly cinematic as it moves away from the source material to achieve its own integrity. This is followed by a step-by-step guide through an adaptation screenwriting process. If you’re interested in the subject, check it out, seemingly Johnny Gogan took the same course and look what happened to him!

Looks like a good week to me, rushing off now, but chat to ya later!

 Your Dock Blogger

Adaptation Film Festival, On My Radar

October 2, 2011

On My Radar 4 is just around the corner – in Dromahair, two weeks from now, check it out, Adaptation 2011 – Le Carré!

Adaptation – the only festival of cinema and literature in Ireland or Britain takes place for its sixth year in Dromahair. This year they celebrate the work of John Le Carré, showing a retrospective of rare television, feature films and talks by writers and directors. All screenings take place at Cinema North Wests’ 100-seater Cinemobile situated on the main square of Dromahair, County Leitrim. The schedule for the weekend is online now, looking very good to me, a selection of gems on the movie front there, a special reading, a workshop on the subject, a talk about The Trouble with Adaptation and a panel of expat Germans living in Leitrim and Sligo to relate their experiences of growing up in both East and West Germany. Although having no first hand experience in all that, the whole Berlin Wall and cold war thing is rather fascinating to me;  and just watching THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD we probably still don’t know half of it! Check out the programme for Friday the 14th of October till Sunday the 16th, you’ll be impressed, as there is still a lot more than highlighted here…

or on their official website here

I like the first, the Cinema North Wests’ one a bit better, but see for yourselves…

Interested? As in, you’re going along? See ya there!

Your Dock Blogger

Culture Night in Leitrim

September 22, 2011

From live performances, workshops and gallery tours to talks, drama, dance and a whole range of other creative activities, Culture Night offers a cultural form to appeal to all tastes…

Watch this space for more! Your D B

How Green Was My Valley – Classic Film Club at The Dock

September 7, 2011

A new club on the scene! The Classic Cinema Club welcomes you to The Dock!

You – that is the lover of classic movies, maybe retired or over 55, maybe with time on your hands, or wanting to meet other like-minded over a tea or coffee while once again watching some of the old classic films from years gone by…

I do not ‘qualify’ for club membership yet, but I am letting you in on my favourite scene of the first movie showing, always loved this one, it is every kids’ fantasy about that teacher you hated…

So this Thursday at 11am the club starts off with ‘How Green Was My Valley’, a five times Academy Award Winner from 1941, it is 5 euro for members, and the best thing it comes with a complimentary coffee or tea! It’s no hassle to get to the membership stage, just go to Ciara or Paul at the front desk in the foyer of The Dock, and you’ll be sorted in no time!

And yeah, if you don’t ‘qualify’ either just think if there is a mum or dad or auntie or friend in town who’d just love the idea of watching those movies once again, but is not a reader of my blog yet, please let them know what’s going on in The Dock once a month on a Thursday morning from now on! Good way to get out and going, especially with the cold winter mornings ahead (well, not just yet, I hope!)!

 Everybody wanting to know what the movie is about please keep reading, whoever doesn’t want to spoil it for themselves, just say good-bye to me here….

 The story of a Welsh valley’s descent from pristine paradise to despoiled coal mining region, is told in flashback form by Huw Morgan, an old man who has decided to leave the valley forever. Huw is the youngest in a family of seven and the film centres on his struggle toward manhood amid conflicting demands of faith, economics, education and family loyalty in a Wales caught in an irreversible shift from a pastoral to an industrialized society. An impressive background of Welsh choral music and quaint patterns of speech accent the story, based on the novel by Richard Llewellyn.

(I just stole this summary of a clip on You Tube, it is written by Joe Jurca, just in case you want to know)

 All the best

Your Dock Blogger