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The Lost Sock Princess, picture update

October 19, 2011

Remember The Lost Sock Princess kids show from the Puppet Lab from Edinburgh last Wednesday? The show that was so booked and sold out that not another little pitter patter mouse would have fitted into that room?

well, here’s two pics from the day, thank you secret spy for sending them to us!


I certainly hope, they’ll be back for more next year, I want a sock like that too!



The Dock for Culture Night

September 22, 2011

Culture Night, 23rd of September, an evening crammed with things to do, to hear and see, to join in, where do I start? I better stick to The Dock only for now, even though I am aware there is the Poetry and Prose Stroll on in Drumshanbo at 7.30, a group walk around the town with readings from the organizers and guests, and members of the public are strongly encouraged to join in and read their own or someone else’s work along the way. So much for my little advertisement for The Written Word Weekenders AKA organisers Eileen O Toole and Stephen Rennicks.

Anyway, back to The Dock, Culture Night really starts at 4.30pm with a kids craft workshop What are you made of?, 6pm is Writers workshop with Belinda Mc Keon, We love Vintage Workshop, Djing Workshop (aimed at all age groups so bring your teenager along as well!), and Life Drawing facilitated by Laura Gallagher. That is only the workshops so far, take your pick and get creative, Culture Night is for free, quite brilliantly so, an opportunity not to be missed for sure!

The Photo Exhibition of the Boyle Camera Club will be opened at 5.30, if my memory serves me right from now on the Jury Room Café will provide wall space for exhibitions too, all the more reason to have a cuppa there!

In the theatre space you’ll find the Teen spirit productions running from 6pm onwards, meaning that the film and music created by participants during our recent Teen Spirit Music Summer Camp will be on show throughout the evening.

And there is always more, 6 till 10.30pm DJ Sweet Cup will be keeping the vibe very Rock n Roll, and at 8.30 Saxophonist Cathal Roche will be on the scene as well.

And yes, there is more again: Vintage fashion Show and Makeovers at 8pm, if you are looking for a ‘special one of a kind’ dress, this event is not to be missed! I know at least two of my girls getting married this winter, girls I hope you are reading this, there is DRESSES to be chosen yet!

Last but not least, the previous mentioned artists’ talk, Audrey Reynolds in conversation with Arts Officer Philip Delamare at 7pm, so if you want to find out more about Bayard Eade, join Audrey and Philip up in the galleries and ask those questions of yours!

Hustle bustle ahead, lets conquer the colder season with those colourful antics that we’ve got planned for you  and all of us! I most certainly can’t wait!

 Your Dock Blogger

Culture Night in Leitrim

September 22, 2011

From live performances, workshops and gallery tours to talks, drama, dance and a whole range of other creative activities, Culture Night offers a cultural form to appeal to all tastes…

Watch this space for more! Your D B

Meet the Tutor in The Dock

September 13, 2011

Are you considering one of those daytime workshops in The Dock? There is a lot on offer for this autumn, and if music isn’t the thing for you then it might be Creative Writing, Drama or Oil Painting? And then there is the more unusual ones too, Writing for Movies, Glass Staining, Djing to name just a few… Six pages in the programme are dedicated to the workshop section, probably to conquer the onset of the falling leaves and shorter days in the most enthusiastic way possible! Check it out, and if you find something that is down your street, go for it!

This Thursday 5.30 till 7pm is Meet the Tutor night, a registration evening in the Dock where you get a chance to meet the tutors as the title suggests of course, find out about the classes, get your questions answered, and see what each workshop may have in stall for you! Might be a great way of checking things out, seeing who else might be interested in the courses and finding a familiar face on the morning of the first class in that room after all!

Check the programme; get ready to meet that winter blues with your chin up and some new skill up your sleeve!

Thursday 15th of September 5.30 till 7pm in The Dock to Meet The Tutor!

 Your Dock Blogger

Green Door Leitrim Weekend – the end ;o(

September 12, 2011

Bit of a storm last night, hope your houses are still standing and the roofs withheld the weather, back to lighting the fire in the evenings I guess…

The Green Door Weekend is over, but I bet a lot of thoughts linger on and a little mini avalanche might have started rolling in a few people’s heads! I for one can’t shake off the idea of knocking all the damp sand-and cement plaster off the thick stonewalls of my cottage. Lime render is the way to go if you want it cosy and dry in those old places, I kind of had it coming for a long time now, but visiting Mike’s and Jo’s place yesterday confirmed this big time! I was lucky my kids didn’t want to move in with them, the kids’ bedroom was something out of a sustainable fairy tale, and I had a hard time getting everybody out there at the end! What a great and brave idea to let the masses trudge through your home, so everybody involved I am paying my respect (!), poor old Mike was dizzy from talking at the end of the day but I could still see the buzz he got out of sharing his knowledge and experience. The bit of feedback I heard so far is that people just LOVED the whole thing, the difference of all the individual houses, the like-mindedness in the crowd, and the chats with strangers along the way! May we not remain strangers to each other, may we keep this exchange and sharing going and let this weekend become an annual event in the area! Anybody who didn’t get the compost toilet question answered yet, there is this Humanure Handbook by a person called Jenkins, I didn’t get a chance to skip through it yet (as it was in Mike’s and Jo’s bathroom shelf and I couldn’t block the room for too long), but it seems like THE highly regarded way of getting one cycle of nature going once again…

If there is improvement to be had for next year, I’ll be getting a better map than the little ones in the brochure, by all means I was not able to find Charlie Easterfields’ place, a bit of a loss for me, so anybody who got there please tell me a bit about it!

So yeah, will Jo the organizer and project manager ever read my blog? Probably not, but on the off-chance that she may, Jo, it was a fantastic weekend, too short for me and I am sorry I didn’t get to see more houses this year… and I heard from about six people so far: we all would like more of this! Great job you did there, and all involved, may some of us get inspired and steer the boat towards a healthier house and home, and may we share more in a years’ time! Thank you all and for all!

PS: if any of you took a great picture during the weekend and wants to share it on the Dock Blog please let me know, I’ll be very happy to put them all up! Have a good week, chat you soon,

Your Dock Blogger

Green Door Leitrim Weekend – half time!

September 10, 2011

It was a great opening night at The Dock, a dignified atmosphere for the first Green Door Weekend, a big turnout of like-minded souls, and I have to rave a tiny bit about the gorgeous AND wholesome-y finger food prepared by the organizer Jo Lewis herself, yummy! Hustle bustle everywhere, James Kinsella with his project of building a cottage sculpture and making you think of what house and home post celtic tiger really means to everyone of us, and upstairs the opening of the two exhibitions in the galleries (I find Tracy Hanna’s coal dust sculpture mesmerizing to watch!)… I might be able to get hold of some photographs of the night, I saw a couple of people ‘snap-shotting’ away all evening, I will try to upload some of their pics for you if I can get my hands on them!

The public debate certainly got my mind focusing more clearly once again as we got back to the old question of what to do with all those ghost estates in Leitrim, about the missing infrastructure for making rural living sustainable and what sustainability really  may have meant in the first place … What set this debate apart from  countless others was that there seemed to be a stronger and new glimmer of community, of hope and determination, and a new humbleness that put us all into the same boat and time and climate, and even though one went away with more questions than answers I still felt enlightened by it! Nobody seemed to want to leave at the end at all, the foyer was like a bee hive filled with busy chatting and debating, and more than one person wanted to go into the nitty-gritty detail of compost toilets as the solution to rocky Leitrim soil…

Whoever wants that question answered still might go out to the organizers’ home and check it out, Mike and Jo’s place (page 40 in the brochure) is open to the public from 11 till 5pm tomorrow (Sunday the 11th), and I am sure its well worth the journey…

Kevin’s Mud Workshop this morning turned out brilliant as well; the kids got up to their elbows into buckets of runny muddy wood-shavings and plastered a pretend wall with energetic ‘throwing’ movements, what more fun can you have at that age? Every child made a small mud piece to bring home as well, a house out of cubes and pyramids, happy faces throughout, lots of washing loads tonight for the busy parent I’m afraid though…

 Great weekend so far, but only halfway through yet, so keep checking the programme for all the open places to visit tomorrow… and maybe somebody can give all of us feedback on how the Mud Tour or any other one for that matter went? If you are one of the lucky ones who got a place on those tours, please feel free to comment here, we’d love to know! Same goes for visiting individual houses, tell us how you got on,  all the details we’ve missed!

 Your Dock Blogger

Green Door Leitrim Weekend, a quick reminder

September 8, 2011

While some of you are on their way to the Classic Film Club on this rainy Thursday morning, I am taking the time to remind all of you of tomorrow’s great opening night at The Dock. New reader, please skip back a few posts to The Green Door Leitrim Weekend and read all about the things going on this coming weekend. The Launch of the weekend will take place at 6pm at The Dock, but there is a lot going on this Friday night, and there is literally four exhibitions being opened and launched at almost the same time!

At 5.30 there is the opening for Tracy Hanna’s and Audrey Reynolds’ shows up in the galleries, James P Kinsella will start his building project with books and mortar already at 5pm and the Staircase Poem mentioned earlier is being exposed to daylight and the public once again too!

It’s promising to be a great evening out, get ready for the hustle bustle in the Dock tomorrow and start the weekend in delightful style!

See you there,

Your Dock Blogger

 Oh yeah, there is a PS: I just heard that Kevin Callaghan’s ‘Mud Slinging Workshop’ for the kids takes place on Saturday morning at 11 in the Dock, lets grab old clothes and let the munchkins get mucky, looks like great fun forever to remember…

!!!And  yes, there is another update to the PS: the workshop starts only at 12pm as it turns out!!! Hope you get to read this update too, sorry about that, if you’ve aimed for the earlier hour!!!

The Artist’s Way and other Workshops

September 5, 2011

Good morning guys,

I am just browsing through the Workshops and Classes section in the What’s on Guide, looking good, looking good! Most of it is straight forward, and I might pick up the oil painting for beginners or the good old song writing just yet…

The most puzzling and fascinating for me is the one on page 31, The Artist’s Way with Claire McAree and Sheran Dickenson, and I will have to investigate that one a bit further! I’ve never heard of the Morning Pages, but then again I have a fair idea (maybe!), and I am by no means an artist at all at all, but I’d like to think I have that creative streak in me already discovered and ready to go, so maybe a bit of guidance would go a long way… I am sure most of you out there feel similar enough, not daring to consider yourself art-y, only with a big BUT at the end of that thought…!

I can’t get hold of Claire right now, but if I’ll find out more about those 12-weeks-classes I’ll keep you posted, otherwise, page 31 in the booklet strikes me as pretty encouraging already!

What do you think?

Your Dock Blogger

Green Door Leitrim Weekend

September 3, 2011

If you look at the Green Door Leitrim Weekend (Page 48, What’s on in Leitrim) you can see that a good few things will be on between the 9th and the 11th of this month, all to do with building, architecture and sustainability, and it promises to be a weekend for discovering the unknown gems aka the “cool” houses in our county. But there is more, if you pick up the brochure from Inspirational Homes Leitrim (in the foyer of The Dock) or look at their website, only then you’ll realize the full extend of the activities offered!

Inspirational Homes Leitrim documents homes and buildings around Leitrim that are good example of sustainability and / or architecture, and it seems there are unusual and exciting buildings hidden everywhere all around us. Their website makes all of those homes accessible to us, partly with planning and development details, a rich source for inspiration and the beginning of a useful local network to develop for all of us.

So now, the first ever Green Door Leitrim Weekend is staged by them, and we can expect a festival of rural architecture and design, and hours packed with activities freely waiting for us!

James P Kinsella is going to challenge our views and perceptions with his exhibition ‘The Way That We Live’, constructing a sculpture of mortar and books that will represent a traditional cottage. His project will begin on Friday at 5pm in The Dock, continuing there all Saturday and he is finalizing the process in the Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton on Sunday. Pull your sleeves up, bring a book or take one from his pile, and let’s help him build this dream home!

Personally I am delighted to see Alice Lyons’ Staircase poem once again on those stairs, the one about the Dock ‘Make Good all Existing’, just to mark the festival in all possible spaces!

The whole weekend will officially kick off with the Reception and Launch of the weekend at The Dock on Friday the 9th at 6pm and at 7pm starts the public debate on “How can architects help to make rural living sustainable?” with a highly experienced panel of speakers to shed some light into the darkened corners of this subject.

What some of you might not realize is that part of the parcel is Paul O’Connor’s exhibition Leitrim Architecture in The Dock, photographic work focusing on domestic architecture … and its up and running as of  TODAY, a full week before the actual weekend. I had a look earlier, brilliant photographs, some beautiful details; I tend to like the spaces that closely connect the domestic with the landscape the best, and there are some great examples of that in Paul’s photos! Thing is that I missed some of the good artwork in the past, only for I hadn’t realized the exhibition wall space more to the left-hand-side back of the building, kind of at the backdoor of the Café and opposite the toilets, if you know what I mean …  So even if you don’t visit the ladies or gents, make sure to pop your head round that corner anyway (and one right-hand corner further too!), definitely this coming week, and have a look at some impressive photos of outstanding buildings, some you may even recognize…

Saturday and Sunday are packed with events, make sure to check ALL the details, homes and buildings in south Leitrim are open to the public, free buses departing from the Dock, one on the “Mud tour” one on the “Dominic Stevens Tour”. Curious yet?

Cinema North West is also part of the deal, a selection of films is shown throughout the day in the Cinemobile in Dromahair, interesting choice of movies (At home in the movies, Garbage Warrior), and the kids also are being catered for with Mister Frederickson in the heart warming “UP”. Very groovy choice I have to say, even the children’s movie features a house and all that comes and goes with it…

And there is so much more, cycling tours between the homes on show, the ‘Mud Slinging’ workshop for children with builder Kevin Callaghan, guided tours of public buildings to name but a few.

Now I think you really are ready to pick up that brochure at The Dock or log on to:

 I’ll be around most of the weekend, I am sure I will spot some of you in the crowd!

 Your Dock Blogger

What’s On in Leitrim, Autumn 2011

August 29, 2011

Guys, guys, guys,

I just had a peep at the new What’s On Guide for September – November, it’s going to be exciting times! it certainly brightened my Monday morning, so all of you can start getting eager and await the arrival of our little brochure in your letter boxes this week…

A couple of  very new things for music – and film lovers, a handful of fine shows/ gigs throughout the shorter days of the autumn ahead, Culture Night in town, a rare opportunity (which is still a puzzle  as none of you cracked the question with the Sony Walkman on Facebook yet), something for the connoisseurs of selected poetry, another guided tour through the galleries … and the list goes on … and oh yeah, The Last Wednesday is hosting De Dannan, lets better book a bit earlier this time as to not be the crowd on the wrong side of the door again…

Last but not least, Me, the new Dock Blogger, once you have that web link in print I count on you folks to log on, to comment, to keep in touch, very much looking forward to that!

Your Dock Blogger