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Friday night at The Dock, what a night!

December 12, 2011

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely Winter Market, the smell of baked goods and mulled wine, the handcrafted goodies. I had a ball for sure, lots of chats, small little presents for my gang, and to put icing on the occasion I caught my beloved sneakily buying the vintage skirt I had looked at beforehand and put away again, being good and all that! I know that he doesn’t know that I know, so I will have to wait till Santa puts it under the tree I guess!

Back to Friday night at The Dock, I so love Open Season, the different colours, textures, and how every one of the artists translates a glimpse of a moment, an idea, a feeling or whatever notion into his or her own piece of work, into art… Looks like the first pictures have been bought already, Christmas pressies are being wrapped, the hustle bustle of Friday night in The Dock was a joyful one, the opening words all about hope during gloomy times, the choir songs resounding through the foyer full of warmth and excitement, well done kids! Familiar faces in the crowd, nice to keep bumping into John Mc Dwyer all the time now after having interviewed him, people staying behind chatter boxing about the new exhibition or taking a second and third look at a particular piece of work.

Good few of the crowd stayed on for Ailie Blunnie’sAND BAND – gig, and I have to say the sisters are getting even more funny by the day, I didn’t think that possible! It’s all about not mentioning the band, Roisin just being there for the sweets anyway, the golden boyfriend getting his bass solo in and the back vocalist being handed a dictionary for the French songs. The stage looked all christmassy and white and glittery, how do the Blunnie’s make even Wispy’s snowmen look beautiful and classy? My daughter thought the whole show most hilarious and almost a comedy as well as unbelievably good and catchy  songs, two for the price of one, even though she was rather embarrassed by her mother clapping for additional songs at the end of the night! All in all, a brilliant night at the Dock, delighted that the bar was open for drinks at the interval, as my Dock Blogger ears picked up concerns about that in the crowd beforehand, and yes, I love my interval drink too, even though you’d probably chuckle at my choice of beverage! Davy and Andy are getting used to it by now though, and it is lovely to feel part of the gang even in those small ways.

As you noticed, the Dock Blogger Identity didn’t get revealed on the night, somewhat due to unforeseen chock-a-block business during the week, but more importantly for the poll results on the blog – the majority of you wants to keep the mystery going for a while, even though it was close nose-to-nose, but nevertheless the mystery callers made it to the top!

Now, all we’re waiting for is for the new website layout to hit our screens, the minute that happens I can press send on this post, upload my pictures from the night and let you in on my secret mystery clip of 23seconds Ailie Blunnie sound-checking before the gig! The light at the end of the video is Keith in the sound box, once you know it it’s obvious, and he didn’t want to be filmed anyway! But yes Keith, brilliant job on the night, mesmerizing lights, as well as sounds, this time Roisin was busier slagging Ailie, so she forgot some of the elaborate praise that you deserve! Keith you rock! On a technical note: Right now the clip needs one rotation clockwise, so you need to adjust your neck and head at 52 degrees  to the left at the moment, till I figure out how it’s done!

Check out the programme for December, there’s smashing performances ahead of us for big and small people, our new website at and the Open Season exhibition in the galleries, foyer and Café Bar! Have a great week,

Your Dock Blogger

ps: I sneak this post in for you due to personal impatience, lets see if it works or gets lost in the process of transferring the website!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

23seconds Ailie Blunnie Sound Checking at The Dock, posted with vodpod

Open Season, Ailie Blunnie and Winter Market at The Dock

December 6, 2011

It’s almost Wednesday morning, I have a handful of more details and news for you, and I am still looking forward to the weekend at The Dock! Ailie Blunnie is not having a support act on the night, so Friday  8.30pm very sharp it is, straight launching into the Blunnie Sisters’ act, I also heard there is a boyfriend on that stage too, and I guess we’d be lost without Keith in the sound box, so let’s welcome the boys also! If the Open Season allows me to pop out in between, I’ll try and take a couple of shots of the Blunnie’s in preparation of the show, I have a feeling they might just let me do that for you! I love the idea of Duke Special meeting Imelda May for a day of feeding ducks in the park and putting that thought into music; and boy am I excited to go to that gig!

Mella, one of the organizers of the Winter Market filled me in on a few more details too, last year’s market was fabulous already I can give you that, but they are sure to well top that yet! First of all, it more than likely won’t flood or ice-sheet the roads on us between now and Saturday, so allof us get a fair chance in turning up at The Dock this time, and there will be even more stalls than last year to choose from and potter around so I heard. Very importantly  there will be nibbles and mulled wine (did I just  mention the food first … again!?), there will be handmade natural cremes and ointments, handcrafted Teas and Coffee, Christmas Cards, books, Santa’s Lost Buttons, Felt Creations, Ceramics, Knit Kits, paintings, Wellie Trees, hand painted lamp shades, local photography, hats and scarves, vintage clothing, Woodcraft, Christmas decorations… and I think they have a few more things up their Winter Market-sleeves! Sounds great to me, a lovely day out, and many thanks to Mella and crew already, I saw her busily organizing and putting time and effort in all morning today!

So, anybody else  like me waiting for that What’s On Guide turning up in your letter box? I was tossing and turning already, patience is  not one of my virtues yet, but  I found out why we are that bit behind with the post-outs. And yes, that brings me to the sideline of the Volunteer Scheme again too! With the Trade Conference and all, The Dock staff has been so flattened with work all weekend that the What’s On brochure found its way into the envelopes only this morning, and I don’t really know how many of us are on that mailing list, but it looked like a big job to me! So anybody idling around and having time on your hands as little as it may be, call in and let Ciara know that you are interested in volunteering for The Dock, mailing, putting posters out around town, ushering for the odd performance. The perks? If possible at all, getting into the shows you like for free, in times where money is that bit tight this might be worth a lot to a lot of people out there. So spread the word and come along, there is always some nice crowd about in the foyer too… And the What’s On should be in your letter boxes somewhat between today and tomorrow, you can look forward to a neat job on that! I know some people found the last one a bit hard to navigate through, this one has a cooler lay-out, more leight weight, and i love the calendar bit at the side of each month! Glad i put my own calendar bit on the blog days ago already, great minds think alike, now it appears rather streamlined even though it wasn’t!

What else? The galleries are currently and seriously being painted and prepared for Open Season on Friday night, should be great craic to see all the different styles and ways of creativity together on one wall space! Pity none of the artists came forward to tell us a bit about themselves or their work for the blog, maybe I catch some of them on the night, but here the last chance to email me if you want to present your work and yourself  at the last minute in regards to the Open Season exhibition on Friday at 5.30pm!  What delights me a lot is the presence of  children’s art this year, Annaduff and Newtowngore National Schools  have been working with artist Kate Wilson and their self-portraits and an animation made by the children will be on show in The Jury Room Café/Bar throughout the run of  Open Season

And last but not least all comedy fans check out Fred Cooke and Eric Lalor on our website – looks like a night of laughs on Thursday at 8.30pm! I bet you see Davy from the Jury Room there, I figured out that he loves comedy a LOT!

Happy Wednesday to everybody, Your Dock Blogger

Leitrim Laughs hosts Neil Delamere ‘Restructuring’

November 7, 2011

Sunny Monday morning again, but getting cold in my little houseen by now, I know winter has kind of come when I need to scrape the ice of my car in the mornings…

My super duper radar took up a secret message on Facebook this morning, looks like the Blunnie Sisters will be back to The Dock in December for sure, I am missing Roisin on the poster, but I guess we all knew it would be Ailie and Band one of the days sooner or later, so sooner it is, but I am very much looking forward to Roisin’s clever wit all the same!

… Nevertheless, if you haven’t heard of the Blunnie Sisters yet, you just ought to; and if you heard them playing, I am sure you’ll be back for more!  It’s still half a month till the new programme will be out, but take this as a sneak preview straight from the horse’s mouth, ha … even The Dock doesn’t know that I am letting you in on that one! Yep, and that reminds me, The December 2011 to February 2012 What’s on Guide for Co Leitrim will be going to press shortly, meaning: If you have an event you would like to include please send details to as in NOW!

This weeks highlight is Neil Delamere at the Bush Hotel on Thursday the 10th and the show starts as usual at 8.30 pm.

 Phone 071 9671000 to book your table for 4-Course Dinner + Neil Delamere ticket (all for €39), or if you can laugh without food the tickets will be 20Euro, and 18 for Comedy Club Members. The Irish Times claims ‘No TV camera could accurately measure the lightning speed of Delamare’s wit’, all the better for coming out on Thursday night and seeing this 5 star comedy maestro LIVE! Have a quick look at what to expect!

All the best, Your Dock Blogger with cold hands,

looks like the gloves have to come out soon!

David O’Doherty upload after all!

October 13, 2011


Your D B

Dock Blogger Offline, A Non-Post, and Thinking outside the Box

October 13, 2011

Sorry guys, no post today, having one of those mornings, aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh, but I am on to Vodafone big time! Check out my last post, maybe Mundy or the funny David O’Doherty on YouTube, that’s the best I can do under the circumstances!

Apropos the best under the circumstances, I may have a story up my sleeve for you after all, just for the craic, it is called Learn to think outside the box!

 An old Italian gentleman lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant
his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard.
His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man
wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Vincent,
I am feeling pretty sad because it looks like I won’t be able to plant my
tomato garden this year. I’m just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot.

I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy
to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.

A few days later he received a letter from his son.

Dear Papa,
Don’t dig up that garden. That’s where the bodies are buried.
Love, Vinnie

At 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up
the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man
and left.
That same day the old man received another letter from his son.

Dear Papa,
Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now.

That’s the best I could do under the circumstances.
Love you, Vinnie

Enjoy the week,

Your D B

The Week on one Post – What’s On in The Dock

October 12, 2011

Writing about the whole week today, just in case, I have a funny feeling that I might get caught up in my day job later on during the week. If not, you’ll hear more of me anyway, if yes, well then I gave you the low-down already!

Unfortunately the interactive playful show The Lost Sock Princess on Wednesday morning is completely sold out, a second show has been put on already, sold out as well, and it looks like the kids are in for a real treat! I hope we’ll get the Puppet Lab from Scotland back to us soon so, as people and groups had to be turned away already! Looks like there is a bit of a market for these pre-schoolers here, I hope Punch and Judy and Ding and Dong are reading me, we need more of all of you! And the ones of you holding precious tickets please don’t forget to bring your own odd sock along to the show, I guess the Puppet Lab has something charming in store for you…

Thursday 8.30pm The Leitrim Laughs Comedy Club hosts David O’Doherty, 2010 Hot Press Irish Comedian of The Year as well as holding a good few other awards and being hailed as a triumph and national treasure … looks like running for the remaining tickets to me! If you have not much to laugh at the moment or find the vanishing of the summer a bit of a pain, maybe David O’Doherty will cheer you up big time, come along Thursday eve! And you happy ones, you make sure to come along too of course to share the laughter! And yes, Patrons get a free shot at the Jury Room before 8.15pm, did I not mention that yet?

Saturday the 15th is the Write for your Life Workshop with Monica Corish, if you didn’t enrol yet and this sounds about “write” to you please feel free to contact her on 087-641 4185, I didn’t check if she has places left, but its always worth trying!

And then, Saturday night fever at 8.30pm, Mundy and The Painbirds at The Dock, hosted by the Leitrim Live Music Club, and he is coming to us to introduce and promote his new album Shuffle, it seemingly takes a new twist on his band as I heard. Mundy and the Painbirds is a left hand turn off the road, loads of great energy and ‘rootsy’ brilliant songs! Well, that should keep you going for the week, make your plans, book those tickets, put your glad rags on and don’t forget there is always a cuppa or drink to be had in The Jury Room Café too.

Anybody not making it to Mundy for some odd reason, I am reminding you guys once again that The Adaptation Film Festival is on in Dromahair too, launching its brilliant programme on Friday night, and there is just one more place left for the Adaptation Workshop with Steven Cleary Saturday and Sunday 10 till 4. This two day workshop is aimed at filmmakers, producers and writers who are planning to adapt work for the screen. The first day introduces you to a new way of marrying the specific technical demands the original material makes of the writer with a fast and practical way of getting to the thematic centre of the adapted screenplay you want to write. The second day shows how to use key screenwriting techniques to ensure your adaptation is truly cinematic as it moves away from the source material to achieve its own integrity. This is followed by a step-by-step guide through an adaptation screenwriting process. If you’re interested in the subject, check it out, seemingly Johnny Gogan took the same course and look what happened to him!

Looks like a good week to me, rushing off now, but chat to ya later!

 Your Dock Blogger

On My Radar

August 30, 2011

My loyal and so far very unofficial readers will know that I am doing this ‘On My Radar’ – thing once in a while, not necessarily related to The Dock but  neat and art-y nevertheless. So here goes:

Radar 2:

The Underground Film festival coming to Dun Laoghaire

September 9th – 11th

 This year’s festival offers an incredible mix of film for professional filmmakers as well as genuine film lovers. On offer this year are 70 short Irish films, 15 independent features, an Irish language programme, a children’s programme and free workshops from some of the country’s best writers, directors and actors…

There is entertainment in the evenings, Sinead Monaghan will keep the young audience busy with her free puppet workshops and face painting and last but not least the event is crowned with The Underground Cinema Awards Ceremony held in Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel in Killiney on 17th September.

UCFF Weekend will embrace 5 major venues in Dun Laoghaire: The IMC Cinema, The Royal Marine Hotel, The Kingston Hotel, The Dun Laoghaire Club and Privé Nightclub, the official Festival Club.

Check out for more Details:

Whoever is going along, Enjoy!

Your Dock Blogger

What’s On in Leitrim, Autumn 2011

August 29, 2011

Guys, guys, guys,

I just had a peep at the new What’s On Guide for September – November, it’s going to be exciting times! it certainly brightened my Monday morning, so all of you can start getting eager and await the arrival of our little brochure in your letter boxes this week…

A couple of  very new things for music – and film lovers, a handful of fine shows/ gigs throughout the shorter days of the autumn ahead, Culture Night in town, a rare opportunity (which is still a puzzle  as none of you cracked the question with the Sony Walkman on Facebook yet), something for the connoisseurs of selected poetry, another guided tour through the galleries … and the list goes on … and oh yeah, The Last Wednesday is hosting De Dannan, lets better book a bit earlier this time as to not be the crowd on the wrong side of the door again…

Last but not least, Me, the new Dock Blogger, once you have that web link in print I count on you folks to log on, to comment, to keep in touch, very much looking forward to that!

Your Dock Blogger



September 23, 2009
The Dock
Culture Night
this Friday!


Culture Night will take place nationwide on Friday 25th September, a night of entertainment, discovery and adventure across the country as hundreds of arts and cultural organisations open their doors until late free of charge.
Starting from 6.30pm and continuing until late The Dock and the Leitrim Design House have joined forces to bring you one great party…and best of all its all free 
Here is a full line up of what’s happening… 


Lighting Workshop with The Dock’s Technician Brendan McDermott at 6.30pm

Gallery Tour of Notions of Capital Exhibition with curator Claire McAree at 7.30pm
Eye Make-Up Demos with professional Make-Up Artist Amanda McCarthy from 7.30pm to 10.30pm
Leitrim based film-maker Roisin Loughrey presents Fall Into Half Angel, a short film about trust at 8pm
Saxophonist Cathal Roche will be playing contemporary music from Japan, Holland and Ireland in Gallery 2 at 8.30pm
 Drawing Class with artist Laura Gallagher in The Foyer at 9pm 
Leitrim Laughs Comedy Club Showcase with David Reilly and Marcus O’Laoire at 9.45pm
Club Night in the performance space with great DJ’s at 10.15pm
Aswell as all this there is a chance to win some amazing prizesDesigner Eileen Abbott and Milliner Wendy Louise will be sponsoring a prize of a hat and a voucher for best dressed on the night – the theme being Retro Fashion!
Also Professional Make-Up Artist Amanda McCarthy will be offering a lucky someone a chance to win a make-up session in the comfort of their own home.
And help yourself to the fairy cakes and rice krispie buns in The BackRoom Bar!
Don’t forget every event on the night will be FREE! 
So come on down and join the culture night party with us…

Leitrim Laughs Comedy Club is back!

September 9, 2009

Yes thats right the Comedy Club with the mostest is back with a bang…well a bounce actually – the comedy troupe with the biggest buzz around at the moment, Dead Cat Bounce, kick off our Autumn season of side splitting comedy in Carrick on Shannon.

Having just seen them at Electric Picnic you can take our word for it, these guys are like nothing you have ever seen before! Their new show Wired is getting rave reviews and sell out shows. After a  a busy few weeks at Montreals Just for Laughs and Edinburghs Fringe we are really excited about having them here tomorrow night. The show kicks off at 8.30pm with guest MC Damian Clarke. Check out this clip from last years fringe to see what they are like.

Tickets are only €15 (€12 if you are a comedy club member) and seening as its the first club night after our summer holidays we have a couple of tickets up for grabs – first person to email Michelle telling us that you want tickets  and they’re yours…simple as!

See you there!