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On My Radar 5.2 – Engage Artist Collective – Talk About Fracking, Preparing the Exhibition

November 30, 2011

… and once more  20 seconds of preparations… Thank you Stephen and David for showing me around! Unfortunately I can´t upload everything into one neat post, so here you go, one last time for Engage Artist Collective

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On My Radar 5.1 – Engage Artist Collective – Talk About Fracking

November 30, 2011

Stephen Rennicks and David Spence getting the place ready for the opening of the exhibition of work by the four artists selected for the Trade residency program 2011. Featuring group work undertaken as Engage Artist Collective as well as individual work featuring David Spence, Brigitta Varadi, Stephen Rennicks, David j and David Michalek. To be opened by Declan McGonagle and there will be a presentation by Dr. Aedín McLoughlin of Glenwood Research. Part of the Trade 2011 conference at The Dock.

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On My Radar 5 – Engage Artist Collective – Talk About Fracking

November 30, 2011

No green light from Paul regarding my competition idea yet, so I am holding my breath for a minute, but another On My Radar for you, a subject that will affect all of us around here one way or another, so check out the link to see what is happening on Friday afternoon in Carrick-on-Shannon!

An approach to look at hydraulic fracturing through artistic eyes and research, what stays behind in the landscape when we dig too deep, which elements of our lives will be at risk if we follow the path of promises and money, and which consequences may be impossible to undo for our lifetime to come. Or the lifetime of our children and theirs. A fresh  look at a pressing issue, four artists sharing ideas and working on the exhibition collectively, hence the title. Unfortunately I am not able to be there on Friday eve for the actual opening, so I had to peep my Dock Blogger camera into the exhibition space today and get a first glimpse of the work… I am sure the guys will spend all day to get ready for us on Friday, but I let you in on the preparations, Stephen Rennicks and David Spence getting the job done…  and while the video uploads, here the first picture!

Trying to start from Scratch

November 29, 2011

Worry not folks if each time you peep at the blog there is a different colour or lay-out screaming at you, I am constructing one more time and more from scratch, it may take a few days and trials and errors to figure out the coolest design yet. If you like one in particular in the meantime of me playing around with all options please comment and let me know. Same goes with designs you absolutely hate, I guess. 😉

Your D B

Ailie Blunnie in Concert … ooops, … in Interview at The Dock

November 28, 2011

And there she is, our very own Ailie Blunnie, coming out to chat to me on the rainiest day of the whole month, thank you Ailie, I very much loved chatting to you! Looking forward to your concert on the 9th of December at 8.30pm in The Dock, I hope you’ll be having your Roisin and our man Keith from the sound box in tow that eve! Out and over to Ailie Blunnie!

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De Danann, waiting for Ailie and Monday Mornings

November 28, 2011

The hits (or is it clicks?) on the blog soared since Ailie Blunnie put a link onto her Facebook page, so much for advertising, thank you Ailie for that! Looks like we need to review our own way of promoting the blog, or do I just need to drag Ailie everywhere I am going? We are very close to uploading the video of the interview with her, so this is just the post before the post on a Monday morning, since I promised to give you something to check out before you get into gear on your desk at the beginning of every week! The last Wednesday at The Dock hosts De Dannan this week and I am sure with all the trad fans around the place we’ll be in for a great night out, I hope the Jury bar will be open after the gig too!

One little, cute and funny picture of an Irish road somewhere in the south, made me laugh, see if you can spot the difference!

Otherwise, I am working on a little competition for you guys, will have it up on Wednesday, get your cameras and brain waves out already for it, I only need to get green light from Paul and then I let you in on the deal!

 As I said, this is the post before the post, while we are eagerly awaiting Ailie Blunnie in Interview with the secret Dock Blogger! See you soon!

Lashing rain in Carrick but Ailie Blunnie is a Sunshine!

November 26, 2011

I am just back from my little trip into town to interview Ailie Blunnie, brilliant; I just loved every minute of it! She is funny and open, quirky and lovable, and she definitely told us a few things we didn’t know about her yet, so I can’t wait to get the interview up and running! This time we have Gordon on the team from the start, it looks like the technical side of things will be well looked after and we may even get a secret distorted Dock Blogger voice out of him! That brings me one last time to the subject of voting if the Dock Blogger should reveal her secret identity or not, it’s a close nose to nose at the minute and it can still turn either way very much so! So make sure you vote as well, a handful of posts down from here you find a blue windowed poll where there is voting made easy for you, no login etc. required. So now it’s only waiting to get the video up here, but I am rather sure I don’t need my Under Construction sign this time…

Have a good weekend, Your Dock Blogger

Ailie Blunnie at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon

November 23, 2011

Good morning guys, only a tinsy weeny post from me this morning, I have a bit of a sick dog situation here and have to rush out the door in a minute…But to let you know that on Saturday morning I’ll be interviewing our very own Ailie Blunnie in town, just to gear up a notch before her impatiently awaited concert in the Dock on the 9th of December! I am collecting a handful of my own questions already, but if you have something you desperately want to know of her, and I’ll pass your questions on to her too!

I am absolutely excited about meeting her, two years ago a friend dragged me along to The Blunnie Sisters’ first ever concert in The Dock, I had a terrible cold slash verging on flu that day, I didn’t really want to come out and play that evening at all! but oh boy, the first nanosecond of Ailie’s voice in the room and there was no going back! A couple of lemsips and that concert had sorted me out in no time, and I am a Blunnie Sister Fan ever since! There is no CD on the market just yet as far as I know, so all you can do at the minute is to LIKE her on Facebook and listen to a handful of songs there, but I’ll be checking with Ailie if some sort of purchasable data carrier may be in sight in the near future! If not, she’ll just have to sing for us a few lines on the day of the interview and I’ll put it up here for you over the weekend! Well, maybe Claire will do THAT I guess! ;-)!


Gotta rush, see you later,

but yeesssss(!), really quick to fill you in, my little Dock Blogger Camera has arrived, a flashy handy little thing so to speak, so expect more pictures from me as of today! Anybody looking for a little starter digital themselves, go no further than Keaney’s in town, amazing deal on that particular model, and buying local can’t be wrong either! This is my first test picture, Claire and Stephen working hard in preparing for Open Season and getting the place organized for all of us next weekend! Otherwise it seems like an unusually rather quiet week at The Dock, so just call in for a cuppa and a minute to read the papers in peace and quiet!

Another Week at The Dock and a little inspiration for life

November 21, 2011

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A little inspiration for all of us, and for all who consider putting some of their work into the Open Season exhibition, go for it! All artwork has to be here by the 2nd of December to be ready for the opening on the 9th, and it promises already to be a great night out, but that will be a story for a later post!

And then… Ooops, I gave you the Rio Grande preview last week already, but it is only on THIS Tuesday the 22nd! Sorry about that, somehow I must have skipped a week in the diary! I hope nobody tapered to The Dock in vain, so far I heard nothing such like, fingers crossed… That means  a bit of a copying/cutting&pasting job is due to tell you once again, this time with the right date attached!

It is again time for our Classic Film Club on Tuesday morning, our final film with Maureen O’Hara, this time alongside John Wayne in Rio Grande, another well-remembered classic by John Ford. Same as always, complimentary tea or coffee and bickies, and if my little camera arrives before that I will show you the buzz of the place on Tuesday at 11am! And make sure you don’t forget to tell the seniors in your life about it too, the Club turned out to be such a success, but the more the merrier all the same! Ah look, that is what I call a good kiss!

Saturday is Family Fun Day again; I heard that Laura will be making Christmas decorations with the kids, so feel free to walk in from 2pm onwards.

On the same day we have another little gem for you, IMRO will host a song-writing workshop for 12-18 year-olds in The Dock on Saturday, 26th November from 12pm till 6pm.

The one-day workshop is provided to young songwriters free of charge and will be hosted by singer/songwriter Luan Parle and songwriter/producer Gavin Ralston. The workshop will focus on song writing, production, performance, touring and the latest developments in the music industry. By the end of the workshop, the budding songwriters will have written, performed and recorded an original song collectively. This is a unique opportunity for young people to get hands on experience of the day-to-day work in the music industry, whether they aspire to be performers, songwriters, and producers or work in music administration. Bookings for the workshop can be made through The Dock Arts Centre box office on 071 965 0828, and further information can be found at our website Participants may bring musical instruments along to the workshop…

Well, what more can I add? If I’d be in that age bracket, I’ll be heading for that amazing workshop, but it looks like I’ll be bringing the kids to the decoration-making instead, there is a time for everything in life it seems…!

Have a good week folks, make sure you vote re the revealing of the Dock Blogger Face – three posts down, no login etc required, the poll is on for one more week only! If the Yes Votes succeed your Dock Blogger will be officially introduced at the opening of Open Season on the 9th of December, just before Ailie Blunnie will cast her spell on us again the same night at 8.30 in the performance space! If the No Votes succeed, well, I’ll be in the crowd as usual, trying to catch some news behind the scenes for you too!

United at The Dock

November 19, 2011

So I had my birthday night out, we went along to United by JohnMcDwyer and the Beezneez and I’ll tell you a bit about it.

The Hawkswell announced this play as his most serious work so far, and that it may be, but I found myself laughing at the hilarious bits throughout the whole play too, sometimes laughing at the recognition of weird but familiar human behaviour at that. The story follows a family over 3 generations, there is a room set in the past and the same living room in mirror image set around now, the fireplace more modern and carpet covering the initially bare wooden floor.

The story unfolds slowly and rather gently, only to chop down on you in the second part without any warning or the chance to catch your breath at the revelations made. Only at the closed doors of everybody’s hidden shame and painful experiences, the characters are able to speak truthful to one another for once and make a real connection from heart to heart again. And with their darkest secrets on their sleeves – and with that not expecting any compassion – they learn that the truth can bring about understanding and forgiveness and a certain tenderness and love for one another. Sometimes the things left unsaid  can hurt more than the things spoken about, and in casting a light into one of the darker corners of Irish history the writer redeems a whole generation with his ending the blame, and on stage we see feelings like anger, rage  and contempt turning into forgiveness and charity. After having interviewed John McDwyer last week it was an extra joy watching him personally being on stage and acting, I felt I was let in on a secret of this play, and that there will be layers upon layers to unpick long after the curtain fell… Here I just about caught him on the way out, while Brendan tried to make him laugh…

When the family at the end is once again united, there is a person missing in that picture, and yet, we all knew he was there, with them in unity, which made for a rather interesting ending, especially if you saw the poster of the play before.

If you are intrigued come along  to the very last night of the play

Beezneez Theatre Company presenting United by John McDwyer today, on Saturday 19.November 8.30pm in The Dock!


The crew playing the family from 1957/1958, just on their way home after a successful night on stage.