Green Door Leitrim in Pictures

If you have a minute or ten, have a look at the complete Photo Gallery of the Green Door Leitrim Weekend that took place a few weeks ago, it was a great success! A huge thanks you to all the homeowners, builders, architects, designers and volunteers who took part in the weekend. Check out the pics to get a sense for the inspirational weekend had by all involved!


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3 Responses to “Green Door Leitrim in Pictures”

  1. Jo Lewis Says:

    Thanks blogger… are by Tomy Weir, John Map and Sue Gadsby, so thanks to them. Jo

  2. thedockblog Says:

    well, the pics bring it all back to me, what a brilliant thing you’ve pulled off there! looking fwd to the next one, may even be more involved then, but let me get rid of my cement plaster walls first! ;o))

  3. ciara Says:

    i have cement plaster walls too and I hate them !!!!!
    oh well……… we keep on learning, don’t we?

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