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On My Radar

August 30, 2011

My loyal and so far very unofficial readers will know that I am doing this ‘On My Radar’ – thing once in a while, not necessarily related to The Dock but  neat and art-y nevertheless. So here goes:

Radar 2:

The Underground Film festival coming to Dun Laoghaire

September 9th – 11th

 This year’s festival offers an incredible mix of film for professional filmmakers as well as genuine film lovers. On offer this year are 70 short Irish films, 15 independent features, an Irish language programme, a children’s programme and free workshops from some of the country’s best writers, directors and actors…

There is entertainment in the evenings, Sinead Monaghan will keep the young audience busy with her free puppet workshops and face painting and last but not least the event is crowned with The Underground Cinema Awards Ceremony held in Fitzpatrick’s Castle Hotel in Killiney on 17th September.

UCFF Weekend will embrace 5 major venues in Dun Laoghaire: The IMC Cinema, The Royal Marine Hotel, The Kingston Hotel, The Dun Laoghaire Club and Privé Nightclub, the official Festival Club.

Check out for more Details:

Whoever is going along, Enjoy!

Your Dock Blogger


What’s On in Leitrim, Autumn 2011

August 29, 2011

Guys, guys, guys,

I just had a peep at the new What’s On Guide for September – November, it’s going to be exciting times! it certainly brightened my Monday morning, so all of you can start getting eager and await the arrival of our little brochure in your letter boxes this week…

A couple of  very new things for music – and film lovers, a handful of fine shows/ gigs throughout the shorter days of the autumn ahead, Culture Night in town, a rare opportunity (which is still a puzzle  as none of you cracked the question with the Sony Walkman on Facebook yet), something for the connoisseurs of selected poetry, another guided tour through the galleries … and the list goes on … and oh yeah, The Last Wednesday is hosting De Dannan, lets better book a bit earlier this time as to not be the crowd on the wrong side of the door again…

Last but not least, Me, the new Dock Blogger, once you have that web link in print I count on you folks to log on, to comment, to keep in touch, very much looking forward to that!

Your Dock Blogger


Paul Muldoon Poetry Reading

August 27, 2011

Wow, what a Reading!

 But first things first: the preshow talk with Alice Lyons, unravelling Muldoon’s poem The Coyote. Alice did her great job as usual, even though initially it seemed rather weird with the Pulitzer Price winner in the room, but Muldoon is so modest and humble and so refreshingly humorous and down to earth that I certainly lost that initial “weird-ness-feeling” pretty soon! Lovely poem by the way, you might want to look it up; I felt like all the different layers of my life washing over me while we talked about the poem, some sort of depth that is not easy to put into words…

The actual reading took place in one of the galleries, sharing the place with Napier’s polar bear as it happened, and more and more people trickled in to be part of an impressive audience – certainly at 2pm on a Saturday, as Muldoon noticed, while we could have been in the cinema also. But then again, “Cowboys vs. Aliens” turned out a rather dreadful movie as he assured us, so maybe he saved us the tenner for that!

I can’t begin to go into his work and poems here, I’ll be typing through the night and the next day… but sitting up front  I did notice how emotional he felt reading a handful of poems about a hurricane in the past, about his wife, about his daughter – the Footling and the circumstances of her birth. What a lovely glimpse to see a big man like him feeling so softly towards his family and his home…

Hurricane Irene is supposed to be hitting New Jersey by this evening, just as I am typing this, may Muldoon’s family be safe and well, along with everybody else!

 Paul Muldoon made us laugh, and listen, and think, he made us take time out and feel between the lines, between the words… an afternoon very well spent.

Thank you Paul, very much so!

 Your Dock Blogger

Paul Muldoon Poetry Reading

August 25, 2011

The first my friend told me about Paul Muldoon was that he has a glorious head of hair, that he makes quite an impression in any room he’s put into, and that he is outstanding and great craic to watch and listen to.

Michael H. Miller from The New York Observer put it that way: Paul Muldoon is one of the great readers alive today. His voice alters with every change in tone and he’ll often pace around a room, his whole body responding to his intricate rhythms.

So much for saying it all in one short sentence, all the other important and official stuff about Muldoon you can google or read in the Dock’s What’s-on-Guide and I assure you it makes for splendid reading!

Before the summer I took one of the morning classes in the Dock, “Understanding Contemporary Poetry”, we unravelled a couple of Muldoon’s poems, and after an initial resistance something just clicked and fell into place for me. (and by the way, this is the right moment to say, lets hope that Alice Lyons will run more of her poetry classes! A great teacher, she makes it easy to be inspired and to look at poetry in a whole new manner. So yeah Alice, if you ever read this, please go on, I am sure some other crowd will agree!)

Anyway, we unpacked his poem “The Loaf”, which I initially just did not like, and it is amazing what you can discover when you look at a poem as a group of people!

I give you a couple of hints before the poem; certainly found them useful myself!

The Irish built the canals for the Raritan and Delaware Rivers in New Jersey, it was basically a terrible job on very little pay, lots of them died due to hard labour and hunger or starvation. If I remember it right Muldoon’s apartment overlooked one of those canals to evoke that particular detail of Irish history in him.

Those italic lines that end on an –ick are built like a sea shanty; probably deliberate as to refer to the Irish navies and their history; a shanty has always been a kind of song that workers/ slaves sang/ sing during their back-breaking work.

LICK in the very last line might refer to lick = hard work, as you find it in a dictionary, which was a new one for me too.

That’s the clues, now the poem; let me know what you make of it!

The Loaf

When I put my finger to the hole they’ve cut for a dimmer switch
in a wall of plaster stiffened with horsehair
it seems I’ve scratched a two-hundred-year-old itch

with a pink and a pink and a pinkie-pick.

When I put my ear to the hole I’m suddenly aware
of spades and shovels turning up the gain
all the way from Raritan to the Delaware

with a clink and a clink and a clinkie-click.

When I put my nose to the hole I smell the floodplain
of the canal after a hurricane
and the spots of green grass where thousands of Irish have lain

with a stink and a stink and a stinkie-stick.

When I put my eye to the hole I see one holding horse dung to the rain
in the hope, indeed, indeed,
of washing out a few whole ears of grain

with a wink and a wink and a winkie-wick.

And when I do at last succeed
in putting my mouth to the horsehair-fringed niche
I can taste the small loaf of bread he baked from that whole seed

with a link and a link and a linkie-lick.

From Moy Sand and Gravel by Paul Muldoon published by Farrar, Straus, Giroux 2002

Now you finally get to see him read it, I hope some of you get inspired to check him out and come along to his Poetry Reading in the galleries this Saturday 27th August at 2pm.

Ah, the new press release is just in, just in time for my blog, (thank you Claire from The Dock)!

So at 12.30 on the morning of the reading, Poet and Curator for The Dock, above mentioned Alice Lyons will lead a ‘preshow talk’ that will offer an introduction to the work of Paul Muldoon in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Those attending the reading are highly encouraged to take part. That to me seems like a well-rounded event at this stage!

I’ll be certainly going to see and hear for myself, so I might see you there!

Tickets are 10Euro, including the Preshow talk and are available at the box office in The Dock on 071 96 508 28, so business as usual…

Looking forward to Saturday,

Your Dock Blogger

Tim O’ Brien with Mike Mc Goldrick, Arty McGlynn & John Joe Kelly … how did it go?

August 24, 2011

So How Was the Gig Tonight???

come on, night owls, give me a shout…

Your curious D B

Tim O’ Brien with Mike Mc Goldrick, Arty McGlynn & John Joe Kelly

August 23, 2011

Anybody lucky enough to have tickets for tomorrow nights’ gig – ENJOY, it sounds amazing! For all the unlucky ones, you can – like me – click on The Docks’ link and listen to it once more from your desk, still better than nothing! I bet, even that little tiny video clip will get your feet tapping!

And yeah, the fortunate folk – log on after and give me some feedback on how it went, love to hear from you!

 Your Dock Blogger

Philip Napier Unpacking the Terror

August 23, 2011

Between one thing and another, holidays and birthday parties, I finally got to see Philip Napier’s exhibition, what a joy to graze through the galleries and pick up little pieces of information along the way! I am sorry now that I missed the guided tour with Alice Lyons in July; I have to admit that I could do with a bit of guidance and brainstorming on the subject of Napier’s work, but then again I didn’t expect to crack it all in one short visit, especially not with my kids in tow! I do sense though that his work is much more complex than meets the initial eye, I’ll be definitely back for another peek yet, hopefully getting a chance without my little Muppets…

All of my gang are most intrigued by the accordion in the foyer, any of you out there having ideas and thoughts on that? We couldn’t quite put our finger on it – in every sense – but are enchanted nevertheless!

The comment book for the exhibition makes a delightful read, I almost wished the people could be there in the room with us, pouring their speculations and understanding out, and getting a discussion started…

Here today I want to draw attention to the reading area complementing the exhibition (at the top of the stairs, then to your right), I found a couple of jewels of literature that make for compelling reading! Frozen in Time (The fate of the Franklin Expedition) will make your heart skip a beat, it is a mesmerizing dipping into history right there, but beware, it might not be for the faint-hearted! The second book that caught my attention is Captain Francis Crozier – last man standing by Michael Smith; I will check the library for it asap, so let me have a head-start on that!


Come and see for yourself if you haven’t done yet, find out more than this, there is a few days left on the exhibition, I’d love to hear what you think!

Your Dock Blogger

The Power of Words and Impatience on my Part

August 22, 2011

Dear Readers,

some of you are waiting probably as impatiently as me for the new What’s On Guide these days, to make plans, book baby sitters, get tickets, and see the happy hustle bustle of new beginnings once again…

To warm your heart while you wait I am letting you in on this amazing, powerful and very short (less than 2 mins) movie, hopefully some of the staff of The Dock too; go on, take the moment to watch it … it will make your Monday morning a more happy and thoughtful one for sure!

Sometimes it is  about stopping in your track only, taking the time to see with more than your eyes, and be touched by some person or story.  Enjoy…

Talk to you during the week and looking forward at that,

Your Dock Blogger

Hydraulic Fracturing, A Local issue

August 19, 2011

Not so much a blog for The Dock this evening, but I am sure the crowd will agree, the issue of hydraulic fracturing concerns us all; locals, artists, families, the farmers who own the land, our children…

Most of you will know that ‘fracking’ is proposed right on our doorstep, and the possible dangers it will cause to our water, soil and future generations if the gas companies get the go-ahead.

For the ones of you not up to date click on the link below, it  explains the procedure in 2 minutes; it will be worth your time to know what’s going on.

People who wish to inform themselves further on this topic, are very welcome and encouraged to attend a public presentation on hydraulic fracturing by Mr. Helmut Fehr in the

Mayflower Centre, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim

at 3.30 pm tomorrow, Saturday the 20th August.

Mr. Helmut Fehr, German politician, academic and well-respected authority on hydraulic fracturing is currently holidaying in Ireland, and has kindly agreed to give a public presentation on the topic, an ideal opportunity for members of the public to further inform themselves on hydraulic fracturing and its potential impact upon this region and Ireland itself.

Larger numbers are anticipated at this meeting, attendees are advised to come early, so I heard, he will begin 3.30 sharp.

I know this is late notice, and my blog is not really up and running officially just yet, but it’s worth a try to reach a wider public that way…

Your Dock Blogger

On My Radar

August 18, 2011

I like the ‘On our Radar’-section in the ‘What’s on’ guide so much that I am going to steal the idea and have my own Dock Blogger Radar out there for you. Well, maybe not stealing, just copying, six eyes see more than four I guess! I might be able to yet figure out how to have those little snippets of radar-information somewhere separate in the blog, but for the time being I’ll just number them and fire away.

 What’s that Radar about? Anything out there in the world of art, literature, events, culture etc. that strikes me – not necessarily linked to the Dock or Carrick-on-Shannon (maybe not yet), but somehow relevant or interesting and exciting nevertheless, obviously very much down to my humble and subjective opinion… I hope you enjoy

 Radar 1:

It’s a Website definitely loved by parents, maybe used by childminders and teachers too, my own kids certainly adore it and on tired evenings that’s what we do! The site is a Programme of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation where Actors read engaging children’s stories online, just the right length as a bedtime piece; and for the rainy day there is a couple of additional and related activities for each of the stories too. If you have small kids yourself, check it out, I bet you’ll be smitten by it!

Talking of children, just a quick reminder that there is no Family-fun-day happening at The Dock next Saturday… so should it be one of those rainy days log onto the Storyline online page and find some suggestions what to do instead!

Your Dock Blogger