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Fantastic Theatre

October 27, 2010

Blue Raincoat Theatre Company opened their latest production, Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco, at The Factory Performance Space in Sligo last night and I was lucky to be one of the sell out crowd who attended.  I can say hand on heart that this was one of the most engaging, amusing and satisfying nights I have had at the theatre in a long time.  Ionesco’s absurdist theatre uses language and meaning to great comic effect and in Rhinoceros  this seemingly harmless wordplay is a device that highlights the ease with which societies find themselves conforming to often brutal ideologies.  Blue Raincoat’s production gets the measure and weight of the play’s dialogue just right and highligts once again why they are one of the best theatre ensembles currently operating in Ireland.  They will be appearing at The Dock  on November 26th with two plays from their current repertoire; Sanctuary and The Cat and The Moon.  I would highly reccommend that you take the opportunity to see them.