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September 17, 2010

Laura Gallagher, artist in residence at the Dock writes:

“I’ve just come from a meeting in The Dock with our local T.D. [Denis Naughten]  about the supports for arts campaign – The word meat-cleaver was used in relation to the future budget which is really horrifying to hear so I just thought I’d pass on a couple of key points that he was putting across to us about what is needed and they are:

The T.Ds certainly in our region are not receiving enough emails about this subject but more particularly they need to be hearing from the local businesses in the area that benefit from the arts and how their businesses are going to be affected if the arts are cut, the jobs that are going to be lost indirectly etc.

He also stressed that we are really lucky to have the publication  ‘Creative West’ from the Western Development Association (It can be down loaded from their web site) that we should use and push this document to emphasise how important the creative economy is to the region and to make sure all our local councillors are familar with it.”



September 15, 2010

It’s countdown to the National Day of Action this Friday, the 17th September. More than half the TDs in the Dail, including the Taoiseach, have agreed to meet with artists and constituents working in the creative industries on that day. In Carrick-on-Shannon TDs Frank Feighan and Denis Naughton will be at the Dock coffee bar around lunchtime. Come on in and making your case for continuing recognition of the importance to the economy of the arts, particularly here in the West of Ireland where a WDC study showed that a higher proportion of the population work in the creative industries than anywhere else in the country.