A favourite aspect to working in The Dock is the relationship that develops with the art that shows in our galleries.

I feel privileged to get to know the artwork over the time that it is with us.

I often reflect on this while showing visitors around a particular exhibition.

I think about how my feelings towards certain pieces are cultivated over the time that the exhibition is with us. How it is very different from just popping in and seeing the piece of work for a few moments, which of course, is great and can indeed also instil a pure and quality experience.

Yet through spending time with an exhibition a relationship grows. There is a period of time together, times when you are there for each other. 

Leaving a beeping, ringing, dialling, typing, office I stole away to the galleries. Sanctity abounded and I was thankful.

Moments with Ecstasy’s Aftermath by Denis Farrell and my head felt well. I felt cleansed and ready … ready for everything.

Claire McAree

Visual Arts Coordinator

Denis Farrell Memory’s Darkroom continues until Saturday the 20th of June.

Galleries are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 –6pm


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